012: Living on the Edge of Chaos: Fear Factor PBL with Steph Cleveland

As I continue to push forward with the job of instructional coach at a school that has morphed into a PBL building I am looking for new ways to help out educators. One of the things I did to help my staff is give a short little survey asking two questions:

What is something that you would like help with for this year?

What is something that you would like help with to plan and prepare for next year?

I received some really thoughtful replies from the staff. One of the ideas that came up several times was the need for teachers to see and hear from other teachers in our building about their projects, how they put it together, resources, etc.

I know that to get a variety of staff together is very hard to do with our schedule. I opened up my podcast equipment and asked for volunteers to come in and record an episode. Stephanie Cleveland, 8th grade language arts teacher, was kind enough to give up a prep period to record an episode.

Stephanie discusses her Fear Factor project. I hope you find the episode helpful. She has provided a ton of resources below to go along with the episode. If you want to know more or have questions contact me or reach out to Stephanie.

I would like to continue to document PBL to continue to help educators learn from one another. If you would be interested in sharing your PBL please let me know. The more we have the better we can all help one another.

Additionally, if you would like to be on the podcast and talk about this topic please let me know as I will be creating a follow up podcast on this topic.

As always, I welcome all ideas and feedback.

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All music in the podcast created by the amazing Dennibro who is an 8th grader here at BMS. To learn more and hear more about his music check out the podcast and his YouTube channel.

To learn more about PBL you can check out the wiki I am creating to help educators

My contact info

Aaron Maurer


To get in contact with Stephanie Cleveland

Blog:  http://sclevela.wordpress.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/mrsclevelandbms

Below are some novel movie posters, trailers, and a few public service announcement links from the project……….








casas lindaman tappa jensen poster layared drummond cavins hatch poster layared trudell watkins poster layared

LOGAN HOCKER MOVIE TRAILER p4-5 from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

Forest of Hands and Teeth Trailer-Casas Tappa Jenson Lindam from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

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