013: Living on the Edge of Chaos: Student Entrepreneurs – Frankie Ballard

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.12.59 AMI am so excited and proud to share with the world this podcast. I was pumped when I introduced everyone to Dennibro a few weeks back to help showcase the power of students and sharing the stories of students who have the courage to chart their own path.

This episode is amazing and not because I am involved. It is amazing because this student continues to inspire me as I follow her journey. Today I share with the world the AWESOMESAUCE Frankie Ballard who is a high school student currently on work on her third book.

What is amazing is that I never directly taught Frankie in my class, but she has been part of my blogging world when it first began and we connected that way as a Teacher – Student. Through my book reviews and various other things I would share on the blog and things I would offer in school it felt like she was in my class at some point. I still have my NANOWRIMO coffee mug that I sip my coffee from weekly.

I had a chance to catch up with her to have her share some insights into the mindset of a young writer. Her story inspires me to get going and finally publish my book I have been working on for years.

The goal of this podcast series is to bring more exposure to the students who are doing amazing things outside of the classroom. These might be the students that go unnoticed at school. They might not get straight A’s. They might not have perfect handwriting. They might not fill in every blank on a worksheet. Frankie is exceptional. She actually does many of the things mentioned above, but what I love about her and students like her is the ability to be their own person and not for attention, but because they are strong in character and mind to see above the artificial world that exists as we try to figure out who we are.

But what they do have is a skill set. What they do have is a mind that can take them places. I view them as entrepreneurs who have the world at their fingertips.

As this continues I would love to chat and interview students from all over the world. If you have a student in mind I would love to have the chance to share their story on this podcast.

You can reach out to Frankie through her Twitter


And you can check out the book referenced in the podcast that she has published on Amazon. You will read the book and  not believe it was written by a student!


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.28.53 AM









Additionally, if you would like to be on the podcast and talk about this topic please let me know as I will be creating a follow up podcast on this topic.

As always, I welcome all ideas and feedback.

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