014: Living on the Edge of Chaos: PBL Exhibition Night

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Our school has implemented project based learning throughout all grades 6-8 this year where we have asked teachers to develop and come up with four projects this year. As we have worked through the many ups and downs of changing a culture and mindset of learners we have started to see the true value in what we are trying to achieve. Coming up in a few weeks we will host three exhibition nights where we will be celebrating the hard work and learning of students. As we continue to promote their learning we realize that we need to help express what exactly this night is all about. It is something different for parents and community members. We want them to come to these nights excited. Even more important we want the audience to engage with our students.

This podcast is designed to help provide some insights into what these nights are all about. We hope we share ideas that spark new ideas, new thoughts, questions, and excitement.

As you listen if you have questions, want more information, etc. please reach out to us. We are planning on making a series of podcasts on PBL based on our experiences. Enjoy and we look forward to reaching out to you. We will be posting video and images of our exhibition nights in the next few weeks to follow up with this podcast. Please stay tuned.

Here are the teachers who spoke on the podcast. Feel free to reach out to them or you can reach out to me at aarmau@gmail.com

Here is a link to our school website: http://bms.bettendorf.k12.ia.us/

Beth Laughbaum
6th Grade
Kevin Roling
6th Grade
Susan Owen
6th Grade
Connie Jeschke
6th Grade

I leave you with the following questions to answer after listening to this podcast


Shownotes and Credits

Music created by 8th grade student Dennibro

Additionally, if you would like to be on the podcast and talk about this topic please let me know as I will be creating a follow up podcast on this topic.

As always, I welcome all ideas and feedback.

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