017: Living on the Edge of Chaos: Preparing from Elementary to Middle School

This episode is designed to do a few things. Talking with one of our guidance counselors here at Bettendorf Middle School we take time to discuss four simple, but very powerful ideas to help parents and students get ready for middle school.

1. Lockers, locks, and combinations

2. Binders for organization

3. Middle School Summer Class: Moving to Middle

4. PE Clothes

Our goal here to help educate the people in our community. More importantly we want to share out the things that we do and the things we help families with as they transition from the elementary setting to the middle school setting. While listening if you have cool ideas that you implement in your building please let us know.

If you are a parent and have questions let us know. We would love to continue to this conversation and help out as much as we can.

Enjoy the show

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Shownotes and Credits

Masterlock Combo Pack

Guidance Office at BMS

Mrs. Sones email – gsones@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

School Website: http://bms.bettendorf.k12.ia.us/

Music created by 8th grade student Dennibro

Additionally, if you would like to be on the podcast and talk about this topic please let me know as I will be creating a follow up podcast on this topic.

As always, I welcome all ideas and feedback.

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