037: Living On The Edge Of Chaos Roundtable Talk of Insanity

This episode has been an idea I have had with some fellow teachers for quite some time. Have you ever that moment where you get going into a deep conversation with fellow teachers during a prep or after school or whenever you can carve out time and afterwards you wish you had those ideas recorded for others to hear and respond to?

After talking about doing a podcast focused on a group of teachers just talking to showcase that we are more than just a Mr. or Mrs. whoever, we finally made it happen.

To keep it authentic we all agreed to bring a topic to the table for us to discuss, but we were not allowed to share the topic until the microphones were turned on. This kept the conversation authentic and fresh.

What you are about to listen to is a podcast that I think is not only awesome, but powerful, funny, and natural. It will hopefully give you something to think about and more importantly we hope you engage with us. Leave a comment, tell us what you agree with or what your answer is to the question.

Enjoy! And we hope you enjoy enough that we get to do this again.

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If you want to watch the first 25 minutes(ran out of battery) in 360 Virtual Reality video go here


Shownotes, Topics, and Resources

  1. Dual consciousness – in case you don’t understand this topic(like me!) start here in Wikipedia
  2. Corpus callosotomy – 8:00 minute mark
  3. Idle Hands – 8:30 minute mark
  4. When you write something with a pencil and then erase it…..where does it go? – 9:00 minute mark
  5. Inside Out
  6. Would you wait in line physically for 2.5 hours for an object or experience?
    1. Is the wait worth it?
    2. The bonding of strangers in line around you
    3. Is it a follower mentality?
    4. Being in line is such a major part of your life
    5. Cutting in line
  7. Would you rather….
    1. do something somewhat important and get credit? OR
    2. do something completely revolutionary such as cure cancer and never get credit?
    3. Hard part is this question has a socially accepted answer!
    4. Into the Badlands
    5. Fever 1793
  8. Could it be possible that Apple has their own hackers that create virus for Windows machines AND is ethical?
    1. Ethics is a category in Billy Madison
    2.  Does this even happen?
    3. Why is it that Macs never have a virus?

Games and Distraction

  1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf by Bezier Games
  2. Kanyezone.com
  3. Reddit Thread – explain it like I am 5
  4. Reddit Thread – change my view
  5. Giphy Tab

How to pronounce gif?



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