039: Living on the Edge of Chaos Podcast with John Cole

John Cole, founder of Dexter Industries joins us for the latest episode of the podcast.

In this episode we learn a great deal about life, learning, and entrepreneurship. What I love best about this particular episode is how he is able to share a glimpse of his journey into how he has arrived at his current point in life. This journey connects to so many students who are trying to navigate their interests and passions.

We discuss the following:

  1. How did he end up as the founder of Dexter Industries?
  2. The key skills needed to be adaptable and mobile in the job market and being successful in life.
  3. Why there is no discussion of the specific content needed to be hired for a job. Focus on the traits companies are looking for and no so much on what content you contain in your head.
  4. What is missing from the next wave of people looking for a job?(hint: you must be able to WRITE)
  5. Building a portfolio of perseverance and grit. We must prove our worth!


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