046: Living on the Edge of Chaos – Wishy Washy

In this episode I am sharing another learning moment I have had as I attempt to launch a non-profit STEAM Innovation Hub called 212 STEAM Labs.

In this particular episode I was working to learn how to speak in business meetings and make sure that the communication between both sides are clear to avoid any misunderstandings. I learned this the hard way in a few meetings I was part of as I was trying to figure things out.

  1. Wishy Washy is a form of communication in education
  2. Business world has no time for wishy washy as you will get ignored
  3. Clear and effective communication starts with a vision and bit of confidence

Let me know what you think. How does this connect to your life and your thoughts? What questions do you have? What do you think about sharing the behind the scenes podcast episodes?


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