047: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Fear and Excitement are Confusing

In this episode I am sharing a big learning moment I have had as I attempt to launch a non-profit STEAM Innovation Hub called 212 STEAM Labs.

In this particular episode I am finally able to announce that we are actually moving into the space. The dream is becoming an official reality and it makes me sweat a bit as reality is setting in for my vision.

  1. When doors don’t open, all is safe and not risky
  2. Open doors means you have to put your money where your mouth is!
  3. Fear and Excitement – when these emotions catch you off guard!

Let me know what you think. How does this connect to your life and your thoughts? What questions do you have? What do you think about sharing the behind the scenes podcast episodes?

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2 thoughts on “047: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Fear and Excitement are Confusing

  1. Congratulations on securing the building for 212 Steam Labs! Very much appreciate the realness of the emotional rollercoaster you’re sharing, Aaron, as you work through the realization of your dream for kids! The timeliness of your “why” question as I face getting ready for a new school year is welcome. Being mindful of self-imposed expectations and being mindful of key elements to support students is freeing!

    • Thanks for sharing Cathy. I share in hopes that others realize they are not alone in their thoughts. I often think that we love to share the shiny final object at the end of the work, but not many share the journey. The journey is where people need help and support the most.

      Best of luck on a new school year. You are going to do great things.