048: Living On The Edge of Chaos – How To Be Miserable with Randy Paterson

We have been reading the book, How To Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use, in our Coffeechug Mastermind Group and we have had our ideas and habits challenged with this book by Randy Paterson.

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I reached out to Randy asking for a chance to ask him some question for the podcast based on the conversations we have had online in the group. In this episode we discuss the following:

  1. How did this book concept come to reality? How did it develop based on his work?
  2. Does self esteem exist?
    1. People with high self esteem are not doing positive affirmations. They are doing nothing.
    2. Why the list of self affirmations are lies
  3. How do we remove the plug and stop thinking negatively?
  4. How do we ingest a proper balance of proper social nutrients to stop isolating ourselves by staying online?
  5. How we actually use our 24 hours in a day?
    1. Average American consumes 10 hours of screen time
    2. Mix in sleep of 8 hours
    3. We are not left with many hours left!
    4. Is there a correlation between isolation vs. mental health issues
  6. How a Men in Black Activity will make you rethink your habits
  7. How to rethink the mental healthy system to allow for better heath
  8. Why it is easier to label a person with a disorder vs. personality?

You can find his work on his website that will lead you to all of his work, books, social media and more.

Here is a link to the video that started it all.

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