053: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Hacking STEM with Todd Beard

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Another great episode speaking with my good friend Todd Beard who is helping to change the education landscape of STEM across the nation.

Todd Beard

MIE Fellow

He also works with Youth Spark and a host of other job details as part of the Microsoft Philanthropy.

Todd is also part of the Hack STEM team.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeacherBeard

Show Notes

8:00 – How Todd taught grades k-12 Computer and adapted ideas to the real world

14:00 – As STEM is becoming more a buzzword, there are still many singletons trying to figure out what it all means. How have schools been able to implement successfully and not just another add on?

24:00 – Exciting stories from STEM in the fields.

“STEM solves the workforce issue”

“STEAM” is what makes America great!”

SAIL – Successful Attempt In Learning

32:00 – What is your WOW project?

Lightning Round

Current Read – Gary Paulsen Brian’s Winter
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Final Thoughts

Be an educational advocate




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