054: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Living Your Passion

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Another great episode speaking with my good friend Jen Goetz who is helping to change the education landscape as well as coaching landscape by living with passion.

Jen Goetz

Junior High Special Education Teacher

Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach for Pleasant Valley

Show Notes

  1. How do define the word leadership? (4:15)

  2. What is the process to become a leader? (5:45)

    1. Self Confidence
    2. Self Motivation
    3. Lifelong Learner
  3. How do you create enrollment into the vision?(8:30)

    1. As a leader you are the front cover of the book for them to decide where they choose to read and continue on or not!
  4. How do you sustain the passion? (10:30)

    1. Balance your life
    2. Rest
    3. Get away from the passion
    4. Failure drives and fuels the passion
  5. What is your WOW project of the moment? (13:20)

  6. How to deal with haters and those who don’t agree (21:00)

  7. Difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders (22:30)

  8. How does someone get started with leading? (25:00)

  9. How does one cross the swamp without fighting all the aligators?(25:00)

Lightning Round

10. What are you reading right now

  1. Leaders Eat Last
  2. Grit to Great

11. Who is someone we should all follow and learn from?

  1. PJ Fleck

12. Gift one book to someone what would it be?

The Energy Bus

13. What is your spirit animal?


14. Final Thoughts or Nuggets of Wisdom

Love Tough


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