10 Powerful Phrases We Should All Say More

These phrases come from the amazing book Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People by Rich DeVos. I came across an old stack of notepads with all sorts of notes. When I read these I could not help but read the book again and do some reflection. Each reflection is my own, the phrases are from Rich.

  1. I’m Wrong – this is perhaps the hardest two words to say. To give up our shield and admit that what we have done and/or said was indeed not the correct choice is tough. We must realize that we are not perfect and we are not supposed to be perfect so when we make a mistake we must own it. Over my fair share of mistakes I have learned that admitting fault builds trust, character, and stronger relationships because people realize you are honest and genuine.
  2. I’m Sorry – similar to I’m Wrong, but this is when you have hurt another person. The only way to move forward is to be open, honest, and careful of who you have hurt. Don’t abuse this statement because too often we toss these words out when we are caught doing something wrong but do not really mean it. Don’t cry wolf and when you really need these words to mean something they fall to the wayside.
  3. You Can Do It – we must believe in ourselves. We can actually achieve what we want to do if we first start with the belief. Being positive will rub off on your actions and eventually spread to others. As a parent and educator we must continue to let others know they can do it too! Even when we are frustrated and it is hard to say, we must continue to believe. If we don’t model and believe in them, then who will? Belief is my new focus as I dig into research about the importance of belief.
  4. I Believe In You – we cannot achieve our goals if we first don’t believe in ourselves. Most people have nothing at the end of their lives but a long list of regrets because that darn negative voice that chirps at us all the time takes hold and we believe in the self doubt. Go forth and make a ruckus in the world.
  5. I’m Proud of You – We love to be acknowledged. When was the last time you celebrated someone who you were proud of? I have found that handwritten letter speaks volumes. Nothing has been more powerful than a handwritten message to someone to simply let them know you are proud of them. Try it.
  6. Thank You – Again, two words that get tossed around too often without emotion, but on the flipside is often spoken too late when really needed. We are much more quick with the tongue to complain and point fingers. Change your method.
  7. I Need You – We cannot navigate this world alone. We need others. We need our loved ones. We are all needed. Don’t lose sight that none of us can do it alone.
  8. I Trust You – To open ourselves up to another person is a commitment. Society is dependent on trust. Success hangs in the balance of these moments. Trust in another person is the most vulnerable opportunities in our lives, but when the trust is formed there is nothing more powerful.
  9. I Respect You – Respect is reciprocal. It is a two way street. It cannot be a one way path. If you want respect from others, then you must respect others. Simple math.
  10. I Love You – Don’t regret not telling people who you love most that you love them. We all need to hear it. We all need to feel it. Never assume.
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