2 Amazing Things That Almost Caused Me To Crash My Car Yesterday

This weekend has been super crazy busy as we try to get everything done prior to finishing three long days of school this week and traveling to Indiana for the holidays. I had to drive to help coach a basketball game and decided to try a new app on my phone to mix things up.

I tested out the RDIO app. It is my favorite app on my phone and iPad right now. It is taking over my life.

This app allows you listen to pretty much any album, song, artist, and playlists from friends on your phone for free. It currently claims to have over 5 million songs. I streamed a few albums on my drive(the second amazing thing that almost caused me to crash my car) through my speakers via an AUX jack and was in music bliss.

What I love best about this app is that it is free. I added a few albums to my collection and BOOM there it was ready to go on both my phone and iPad when I got home. I woke up this morning to stream my favorite new album on my iPad to my Apply TV that is connected to my surround sound system. I was drinking coffee, reading, and listening to some amazing music in a few seconds and all for free!

If you don’t have this app, get it, and when you do let me know so we can follow each other with our playlists and music. Get it before it either costs money or Apple takes it away!

The second thing that almost caused me to crash was an album that I was listening to on RDIO. The new Michael Jackson album. I know there are many critics who are upset that it was released because it was not finalized by Michael himself.(just google search “upset by release of Michael Jackson album” and you will find all you want).

I agree with the people who are upset. Michael took his music very seriously. He was a genius. He crafted each song with all his life, soul, and passion. However, with that being said I am so glad to hear this music. This album is beautiful. It feels so good to hear his voice. He is the man. PERIOD!

The first track, “Hold My Hand” starts the album off on the right foot and you never lose ground until the end when you are waiting for more. I like every track. I have listened to the album about six times since yesterday evening. I will have a more complete breakdown of this album in a future post because this one is already long enough.

I have to leave with this. Hearing Michael Jackson(link to his website) sound so good and back to what he does best has me wishing he was still around. The tour was ready to go, the album was almost finished, the man was ready to take his crown and achieve more, and it was all lost so quickly by a man who nobody really took the time to get to know. It just goes to remind me as both a parent and teacher to take the time to care about everyone around us. Someone could be smiling on the outside, but have many issues inside. How well do you know your friends? How well do you know yourself?

So, in closing download RDIO to your phone, listen to music free, become my friend so we can share music, and listen to Michael Jackson because it is a great album.

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