Year Goals

1. Get back to healthy weight and lifestyle

  • Triathlons
    • Sub 5 Hour Half Ironman
  • Adventure Races
    • Have Fun!
  • Sub 20 minute 5K

2. Streamline life so I can be more productive in specific avenues

  • LEGO EV3
  • Sphero
  • Productivity
  • MakerEd

3. Be Home More

  • simple enough, but by streamlining my life I want to be home more than I was in 2014

March Goals and Blogs


3.5.15 #StuCamp What I Learned and How I Have Changed

February 2015



2.26.15 Flattening Classroom Walls: Connecting with Cadiz, Spain using Skype 

2.25.15 But what if innovation is not the panacea it’s said to be?

2.24.15 #StuCamp: Not Just An Event, But A Movement 

2.23.15 #StuCamp Pre Event Challenge: Are you game?

2.21.15 My #InboxZero System and How It Might Work For You!

2.20.15 #StuCamp Is One Week Away! 

2.19.15 Zero To Maker: Another Essential Makerspace Reading 

2.18.15 Because if we choose, then we are responsible, aren’t we? 

2.16.15 Project Based Learning: It’s More Than Projects! 

2.12.15 Tinkerlab: Mandatory MAKE and STEM Reading

2.11.15 Bacon Lover’s Cookbook 

2.10.15 25 Day Challenge of Education and Productivity 

2.9.15 Child’s Play: A STEM Language Arts PBL Unit 

2.6.15 Students Share Your Voice for #StuCamp

2.6.15 21st Century Basketball Practice by Brian McCormick 

2.5.15 Mind Gym by Gary Mack 

2.4.15 Developing a Logbook, Recording Ideas, and Sticking to the Plan! 

2.3.15 Book Discussion: Leaders of Their Own Learning – Celebrations of Learning

2.2.15 Siege Weapon Contest: Launch it! Make Improvements! Launch It Again! 

2.2.15 2015 Goals: 31 Days Gone and  28 day goal plan

2.1.15 Visible Learning: Agree to Disagree? 

January 2015IMG_1120

January Blog Posts

1.30.15 Even In Failure There Is A Gift 

1.28.15 Young Engineers of Today: Spring 2015 Lab 2 – Ancient Engineering

1.26.15 12 Questions For Educators To Answer 

1.25.15 How Can Robert Palmer Help You Become A Better Educator? 

1.23.15 Rejection does not matter. It matters what you do after being rejected. 

1.21.15 Young Engineers of Today: Spring 2015 Lab 1 – Catapults 

1.20.15 The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. Time to Move from Here to There 

1.19.15 When developing a lesson plan or unit ask yourself 

1.18.15 What worked yesterday might not be right for today

1.15.15 We Have More Work To Do

1.12.15 The Key To Teaching AND Keeping Your Teacher Sanity 

1.11.15 January Goals: Week 1 Update 

1.08.15 Coffeechug Reads The Quotable Krishnamurti 

1.07.15 January 2015 Goals 

1.05.15 Kristin Galle – 2014 PBS Digital Innovator and Therapy Classroom 

1.04.15 What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin 

1.03.15 Coffeechug YouTube Success and Suck in 2014 

1.02.15 Using Evernote Moleskine Planner To Prepare and Plan in 2015 

1.01.15 234 Posts and What I Learned from 2014? If Anything 


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