2015 Goals: 31 Days Gone and 28 day goal plan

January has come and gone already. Hard to believe 31 days can go by so fast. I have been keeping track of my goals and doing things to help me stay focused. Here is how the month developed and ended up and also where I plan to go in February.

Before I get into all the details one tool that really helped me with life this month as well as my  goals was using my Moleskine notebooks for my logbook

My big three goals for January were


Goal 1: 2014 Lists were successful. I posted many blog posts about reflecting and making changes for 2015 based on these lists.

1.03.15 Coffeechug YouTube Success and Suck in 2014 

1.02.15 Using Evernote Moleskine Planner To Prepare and Plan in 2015 

1.01.15 234 Posts and What I Learned from 2014? If Anything 

I gathered more data, but did not blog about them all because not everyone cares. Looking at data allowed me to see what was working and not working. It has really helped me develop a vision for 2015.

Goal 2: Sphero Workshop

I am not where I want to be with this quite yet. I have not moved beyond the brainstorming and sketching stage. I took the amazing day at #CentCon15 to see what worked well and this month will be expanding the Sphero session to a full blow workshop for Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego at High Tech High.

Goal 3: Drop 5 lbs

I started the month weighing an all time high in my life of 243.4 As of weigh Saturday after working out I dropped to 230.6. Almost 13 lbs which I am quite proud of. Not too bad for one month of work. I am hoping to drop 5 lbs this month.

I completed 52.84 miles of running

I completed 204.3 miles of biking

Total 257.14

I missed a few workouts and ate not the smartest. It is time to clean both of these aspects up a bit more in February.


February Goals

Based on how January went and looking towards another one month milestone here is what I am after. I have more than 3 this month. They are all important and fit into the three main goals of 2015. One goal  not shown in the picture is to drop 5 lbs this month.


Overall Year Goals Progress

Looking back at January I feel that my year goals are right on track.

Year Goals

1. Get back to healthy weight and lifestyle. Here is what I have done so far……

  • Dropped almost 13 lbs
  • Biked 204.3
  • Ran 52.84
  • Total Mileage 257.14

2. Streamline life so I can be more productive in specific avenues. So far so good…..

  • LEGO EV3
    • Sketched out framework for new videos with EV3
  • Sphero
    • Workshop plans are ready to be implemented
  • Productivity
    • Discovered new tools to help me stay focused
  • MakerEd

3. Be Home More. Toughest one, but I did work on this.

  • I did not go to EdCamp due to be gone too much the previous weeks
  • Said no to some commitments
  • Looking to reduce after school commitments for next school year.
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