2017 Winter Wonderland 3D Print Challenge


Call For Entries: Winter Wonderland 3D Print Challenge


November 30 – December 16, 2016

**If you would like us to print and mail back in time for the holidays we will need your designs by December 10th.**

Invitation to Submit Winter Wonderland 3D Print Challenge

For more information contact Aaron Maurer at aarmau@gmail.com


Ornament Restrictions – Due to filament supply and sticking to ornament sizes please adhere to a max size of  3”x 3” x 3″ for ornaments. As long as your ornament reflects winter and holidays you are golden. Let your imagination run wild. Can you infuse lights? Can you make it move? Sure! It is up to you! We will print in white filament so you can paint and decorate as you wish.

Please don’t forget to add a loop to be able to hang your ornament.

Submission Guidelines – In order to submit an ornament, please fill out the form

You can use any program or app that you wish as long as you can provide a .STL file. If you are brand new to 3D modeling, don’t worry. Use Tinkercad and in no time you will be up and running. This is what all my students will be using. Vectary is another platform for you to create in as well. Or maybe try Paint 3d

When you submit your design I will do three things.

  1. Print a copy to add to my Coffeechug Cafe Tree(see how lonely my poor tree looks! It needs your help to get into the holiday spirit.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.38.20 PM

  1. Print a second copy to send to you if you agree to cover the costs for shipping.
  2. I will share your files, documentation, and name for others to use your ideas and spread the power of crowdsourcing and sharing ideas.

3D Print Submission

1. Please share your file with me so I can print or at least share it online. Please fill out the form

I will need your .stl file so I can print it if needed, or an image of your print if you print it yourself. Better yet will be photos and videos of the work in progress.

Now some of you have makerspaces and 3D printers and do not need me to print for you. I want you to share your designs. You don’t need me to print your ornaments. Please reach out to me with a link to your site so we can create a Festival of Trees! I will add your page/website to this page for others to check out. The more we share the more everyone learns. 

Here are the ornaments from 2015

Here are the ornaments from 2014. We look forward to another great year of creating!
Join us on Facebook where we have a group page to share ideas, ask questions, submit pictures, etc.

Use the hashtag #3dwinter

Let us create some amazing designs and really up the festive spirit of the holidays.


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