3D Printed Ornament Challenge

I am so pumped to announce this latest idea to help promote makerspace, play, tinkering, and STEM. I would like to announce the first annual

Coffeechug 3D Ornament Festival of Trees

No longer taking submissions in order to deliver all ornaments on time

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3D Printing Resources(will be developed by early 2015)

Here is what this is all about.

Starting now(November 16th, 2014) until December 15th I would like to invite you to join us in creating 3D printed holiday ornaments. You can use any software that can produce .STL files to design your ornament(see details below). The goal here is to inspire people(students and adults) to be creative and have fun.

This is not a competition. This is not a challenge to see who is best. Rather, you are a winner just for trying. The goal is that if we can create all types of ornaments it will hopefully inspire and motivate others to test and push their comfort zones and try something new.

I was originally thinking about entering the White House 3D Ornament contest, but due to time I ran short. However, I loved the idea. It stuck with me and over coffee one morning I decided that I wanted a tree with 3D printed ornaments.

This challenge is for everyone. Even those of you who do not have access to a 3D Printer or have never designed anything before.

Here are some rules and guidelines

Challenge Dates – November 16th – December 15th

Ornament Restrictions – Due to filament supply and sticking to ornament sizes please adhere to a max size of  3”x 3” x 3″. As long as your ornament reflects winter and holidays you are golden. Let your imagination run wild. Can you infuse lights? Sure! It is up to you!

Submission Guidelines – In order to submit an ornament, please send me an email that includes

  • STL file of the ornament
  • Name of school
  • Color preference(cannot guarantee due to costs and availability of filament)
  • Address of school
  • Anything else you need to share about your ornament

You can use any program or app that you wish as long as you can provide a .STL file. If you are brand new to 3D modeling, don’t worry. Use Tinkercad and in no time you will be up and running. This is what all my students will be using.

When you submit your design in the form below I will do three things.

1. Print a copy to add to my Coffeechug Cafe Tree

2. Print a second copy to send to you if you agree to cover the costs for shipping.

3. I will share your files, documentation, and name for others to use your ideas and spread the power of crowdsourcing and sharing ideas.

Now some of you have makerspaces and 3D printers and do not need me to print for you. I want you to share your designs. You don’t need me to print your ornaments. Please reach out to me with a link to your site so we can create a Festival of Trees! I will add your page/website to this page for others to check out.

2014 Ornament Submissions

Enjoy this collection of ornaments created by students and educators from various schools all over the place. Feel free to submit a design!

[alpine-phototile-for-flickr src=”set” uid=”7843499@N06″ sid=”72157649284070927″ imgl=”flickr” style=”wall” row=”4″ size=”240″ num=”50″ align=”center” max=”100″]

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    • Very little. The bell was printed that way. There was nothing done to it at all. The snowman was the same. We used Sharpie for the hat and added the scarf out of felt material.