4 Questions for PLC’s or Groups of Educators

The following four questions are not earth shattering. They are quite simple and common sense. However, how often have you sat in a group meeting during a prep trying to basically work on one of these questions and walk out with nothing?

We must think of ways to accomplish answers to these questions and make sure everyone plays a part.


Where are we going? (goals)

What are we doing to get there? (plans)

How can I contribute? (roles)

What is in it for me? (rewards)



How does your team/school/grade make this happen?

One idea that we have tried is sticking to a schedule in our meetings. We can still do better, but it does work.

15 minutes spent on NOW – what do we need to address about things right now of the immediate future?

15 minutes spent on NEAR FUTURE – what is on the horizon that needs to be considered and planned for so when it moves to NOW we are ready to go?

15 minutes spent on FAR FUTURE – what is way down the pipeline that we need to be aware of? We don’t plan or go over details, but keep it on the back burner so we are not blindsided by the future.



The four questions shared above are based on this article:

Ask These 4 Questions to Build a Purpose-Driven Team http://www.inc.com/lee-colan/ask-these-4-questions-build-a-purpose-driven-team.html

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