46 Days Remaining – Early Bike Ride & I Said No To Track Workout!

My original plan this morning was to get up around 4:15, eat, drink coffee, etc. and head to the track at 5 am for my track workout. My alarm went off and I was just not ready to do the track this morning. I was tired. My body was tired and I knew it would not go well. So, I opted to skip the track and just focus on getting ready for my bike workout.

I am glad I did because I originally thought I had 28 miles, but when I double checked my plan I realized I had 32 miles. 4 miles may not seem like a big deal, but when you add those extra miles to another ride later this week in addition to another long bike ride it all adds up. I was quite happy I did not do the track as my legs would have died.

I headed out on the country roads and did my usual loop until I hit mile 16. The way out was windy. I kept thinking to myself to keep pushing as the wind would be my friend on the way back. The wind played evil tricks as it worked against me even more on the return.

My turnaround point. I stopped for water. No food or GU on this ride.
The sun trying to warm up this chilly morning. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt to ride.

Overall, I had a really good ride. I am getting more comfortable riding in the aero position. I was not quite as unstable as before. I need to get it in to the shop to get fitted more properly, but it really feels good. I cannot believe the difference between this bike and Boris.

I hope to maybe get to the track later today. If not, then I will not fret about it. I have put in some serious miles already and have many more to go this week.

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One thought on “46 Days Remaining – Early Bike Ride & I Said No To Track Workout!

  1. You are riding faster in training rides than you raced on Boris 2 weeks ago. I’m super excited for your race at QC. The top Clydesdales were running 24 minute 5k’s and you will be 4-5 minutes faster than that. You are way better at this sport than you give yourself credit for. You are good in all 3 areas. Keep up the great work!