5 Paragraph Essays of Barf Have Been Replaced By

student created videos that do not really showcase learning.

When was the last time you as a teacher created a video project or an option for video in your classroom to only shake your head at the terrible quality of the production?

Yes, the kids love the blooper section. They love making the video. However, the content and quality of learning is sparse.

Yes, there is always that one group or that one kid that has it figured out, but that has nothing to do with the teaching of the project.

As we continue to push tech and find new ways to deliver learning that keep students excited we have to rethink how we operate our school day.

We are at a point in time where we need to start thinking about audio and video design classes at elementary and middle school levels.

I love multimedia projects. I am not bashing the use of them as I was and am an avid fan of them. However, I cannot stand to watch one more poor production.

It is not the fault of the teachers or the kids. It is the fault of the system. 95% of the time if you find a quality project online you will find that the school has a class about audio and video editing. It works. It helps develop skills so students can showcase their learning in a positive light.

These classes were not always needed, but as we continue to integrate more technology into schools and lives of students we must not forget that we have to teach them how to think, how to develop, how to edit, how to study and analyze other pieces of creation, and most importantly how to tell a story.

And even more fundamental to all of this is to teach the teachers. We cannot leave them in the dark expecting them to figure it out.

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