5 ways to prevent students from sharing a Google Quiz?

I was asked this great question by a fellow friend and educator last week about how to help another teacher eliminate students from sharing Google Quizzes. Students were sharing the quizzes to their friends ahead of class so they could prepare and see the questions.

For example, I give a quiz period 1.  A student could copy the link and share to friends in a later period to prepare. Is there a way to prevent this?

At the time I was not sure what the answer was to this question. I was fascinated. How can we trump students who try to defy the system?

I should have known better. By now I should know that this constant tension is something all educators face. However, I had to stop and think more deeply:

Is this question more about learning environments and control disguised as a tech question?

Now, before you answer I want you to know that I address both topics. The video will discuss some things to ponder about why this is a problem in the first place AND then I deal with the reality that this is indeed an issue no matter how great our classrooms are organized.  There will always be that one kid who pushes the envelope. I share 5 ways in which you can minimize students cheating/sharing quizzes online.

  1. Colorful Theme
  2. Shuffle answer order
  3. Shuffle question order
  4. Data validation
  5. Turn quiz on/off

I cannot wait to hear other tips and strategies as well as future conversation about this topic as a whole.


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