7 Awesome Things To Do With Slime

Awesome Ava and Dorky Dad Video Series!

We are back! It has been a while since Ava and I have made a video, but it is not because we have not been busy doing other things. I have found that being a father provides me the best opportunity to play, explore, and basically embody everything STEM/STEAM.

Often time we get so wrapped up in details of life that we forget to play. In education, we get so caught up in data or latest trends that we forget the key ingredient of all learning: exploration, play, and laughing.

In our household we have made gallons upon gallons of slime. The craze has not left our house as much as my wife would like for it to move on. We decided to make a video sharing 7 things you can do with slime.

We would love any likes on our YouTube Channel as well as subscribing if you have not. Ava and Addy are now wanting to learn how we edit videos and what to look for when it goes live online. Just one more learning opportunity.




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