Art Is In Session!

This spring break I am working on trying to organize and declutter my life. This has been an ongoing battle to which I very slowly make progress. I have this closet in the nerd cave loaded with stuff. By loaded I mean the door would not open. I am in the process of organizing and letting go.

In the process I have found my joy of art and photography. The last few days I have tried to get back into things. Now, I suck at art. I am better at photography, but art is not my thing despite enjoying.

So, I have dabbled in Zentangles and using my new Buddha Board.

Here are three examples.

I have ordered new art supplies so when they come in I will try to utilize some new tools that will hopefully help. Once I get my old computer back up and running(I finally got it to power on) I will be using Photoshop to enhance the backgrounds.

Until next time……..

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