Autocrat Tutorial- Using Google Forms As A Rubric and More

A question was posed to me today. I love it when questions come my way where I don’t know the answer and am challenged to find the answer.

The challenge was that a few teachers wanted to use Google Forms as a rubric. They want to be able to quickly and efficiently score the work of a student using a Form and organize all their grading in one spreadsheet.

Easy and check.

They wanted to use the same spreadsheet for students to upload their self evaluations using the same Form.

Easy and check.

They also wanted to be able to take the scoring/feedback of each student from the spreadsheet and email the students their assessment in real time


Do what? Is that possible?

Today I am happy to report that indeed it is possible. It is amazing. It is efficient. It eliminates stacks of unnecessary papers and provides real time feedback that requires very little extra time on the teacher side of things.

What is this mystery? How do I harness the magic powers of all of this in which you speak?

Check out the video as I attempt to walk you through it. As always, I am super excited to see examples of how this plays out in real classrooms.

Even more important I plan to run PD and do live trainings to help those who need it. I really think this could be something big for teachers and students.

Go be awesome. Hi Ho!

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