BCSD EdCamp Presentations

Our school district has a whole day of PD. It is a pretty cool experience(if you want it to be) where teachers from all buildings and levels actually come together to learn from one another whether it is a presentation style format or a true EdCamp style where everyone shares.

Below are my two sessions I will be sharing during the day. The links to the resource guides are linked as well.

Speedgeeking With Coffeechug

This will be rapid fire session of technology tips, tricks and productivity tools that I use in my classroom and school to help make life easier for both myself as a teacher and for students. I will share out things I use with classrooms as well as staff during Teaching Tinker Time and PD. These ideas will give you time to enjoy that cup of coffee and have fun at the same time! The key here is simplicity and productivity.

Making Global Connections With Skype In The Classroom

Want to connect your classroom with the world and promote global citizenship? Using Skype, you can connect students across town, around the world, bring in industry experts, or take virtual field trips. Learn how you can connect with other educators, get lesson plans, start a project and more from Skype in the Classroom.


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