Blog Transition Day – More For Your Pleasure

This is my, “Oh crap, I have school today face!”

Today starts my first day back to school for teacher in service. This is going to prove to be a challenging year by the vibes already received. I am not going to go into much of a rant or details now as I have a limited amount of time to get ready for school upon returning from my run, but I just wanted to let everyone know who follows and reads this blog that as school begins my blog will slowly be including more post topics about education, life, projects for students, nerdy things, etc.

The blog has been extremely focused on my training lately as one of the things I have worked during the summer and testing out for my book I am writing is having one goal at a time. This has proved to be quite effective and in the process I shut out all things school during the summer. It was a nice breath of fresh air, but the time has come to begin talking about the important topics that come with teaching.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up because I am sure the thoughts and ideas will start flowing today after a day of in service.

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