BMS Theory


BMS Theory is a special group of students who have a passion and love for robotics, programming, and all things Maker. These dedicated students come to my room every morning around 7:00 am and often stay for hours after school or after practice from other activities to work and learn.

They have their own functioning website that they update and keep the world up to date on their work.

A few projects they have completed

  1. 5 foot robot named Twitch with weekly upgrades
  2. 3D Printed LEGO EV3 lock mechanism to get into my room when I am not around.
  3. GoPiGo robot

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STEM Fair at BHS: Lee, Grassley, Reynolds push STEM at BHS 


They gave up a Saturday to showcase and teach kids about robotics with Twitch, a Rubik’s Cube solver, and racecar.

img_3156img_3981 img_3984


Past blog posts

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