Book Review: Brains For Lunch: A Zombie Haiku


Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 96 pages
Cybils Book #13

I read this book because I needed some quick and easy with the chaos of my life right now. I chose this book because it looked to be a quick easy read and not very long. Upon completion of this book I had to stop and think about how hard it would be to write a book in completely haiku verses. That would be a challenge.

I enjoyed this book. It was a fun light easy read. The tongue in cheek jokes and phrases really made me laugh. For example, when one of the bullies “gives him the finger” it literally means that the bully detached his finger instead of what we would visualize as sticking up the middle finger. There are several of these types of clever lines crafted in this story.

This book is perfect for grades 5-8 due to the humor and the topic of Zombies. Zombies seem to be everywhere these days and have slowly taken over the vampire genre or is at least side by side in the media world.

The whole book centers around Loeb, who is a zombie that has the hots for the school librarian and is working on a human girlfriend. Among this little loved infested zombie he has to not eat their brains! If I was still teaching my sixth grade literature class I would be using this book during my poetry unit. The haikus in the book will definitely draw the interest of the many students who hate poetry.

All in all this book was good. Clever haiku writing, good pictures to move the story along, and it was short and sweet. Any longer of a book and I think this loses the value it has on the reader. Who in this day and age does not like a good old love story about zombies who crave the brains of humans?

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