Book Review: Instructional Coaching: Timely Truths for Successful Coaches by Tim Swanson

51QzO3VfzlL._AA160_As I continue to test out Kindle Unlimited(not impressed so far) I am discovering some books that I normally would not come across.
This book is one example. I am not sure it is even a book as it is only 33 pages. It is a short read and with my Kindle Unlimited account I was able to read it for free.
I don’t want to be mean, but the book should not be anything but free.
It was not a waste of time as it was so short, but the book was full of common sense ideas that anybody in education should already know and be aware of. What I thought would help this book is if the author took time to provide tools, strategies, techniques, etc. on the topics he explored.
I would not waste your time reading this. It is not going to set you back anything, but not sure you will gain a lot either.
Below are my highlights from the reading. These ideas are good ideas, but nothing earth shattering.
Coaching is a peer relationship, where you and the enrolled teacher are on equal footing. People may view you as pseudo administration, but that isn’t true because you have NO power to make anyone do anything
Thinking about your building(s), what is the current perception of coaching among the teachers? How receptive are the teachers to changing and growing? How do you know? What types of academic leaders are in your administration?
A coach must never forget that s/he is PD that is waiting to happen
In 15 words, what do you think an instructional coach does? Of the four skill areas that make up the IC skill set, which is your strongest and what leads you to think this? A wise man once said, recruit to your weakness. Which skill area is weakest for you? How can you recruit someone to help you with that area? This person should be a neutral person who is not directly involved in your job. Ie. My wife made post cards for my coaching events
You’ll find that most teachers don’t see any compelling reason to meet with you. You have to make them aware of how you can be helpful.
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