Brainstorming Power Needed!

We have a cool showcase night in the works to broadcast our students knowledge and expertise of their independent study projects. We are working on a way to to bridge all 30 of our projects together. Our current idea is to have each student provide us(teachers) one fact/question that they want each person who visits their station to walk away with as the most important fact. Our current plan is to take these 30 facts and create a handout mystery/scavenger hunt paper to give each person who attends our showcase. Our theme is bald eagles so each presentation is focused on bald eagles in some capacity.

What we need are some ideas to create cool interactive approach to the community finding answers to these 30 questions. We want it to be more than just a piece of paper with questions.

Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Brainstorming Power Needed!

  1. Always good to add some sort of coding or puzzle so that each answer helps decode the overall 30 answers. Maybe use anagrams of the puzzle clues for answers. Have the students create their own acronyms. How do Bald Eagles feed BEST? (Bald Eagles Swoop with their Talons).

    Have fun!