Summer PD experiment #2: Digitalizing Notepads to Evernote

Here is the next batch of things I typed into Evernote this morning. Each morning I am tackling one notepad, folder, or stack of papers. I am not recording everything just the ones that I think are useful for a later date.

Here is a link to previous blog posts about my Summer PD

Today I tackled the black folder. This has some awesome project ideas that I need to figure out the best way to get into Evernote, but scattered in the folder were many random pages of notes from readings of books I would assume. Too bad there was not titles recorded.


Virtual Pitchfire
  • 60 seconds
  • Intro, problem, solution, and resources

School Ideas
  • Pitchfork?????
  • Monthly/Bi-Monthly Teacher PLN
Always remain open and experimentative, always ready to walk a path you have never walked before. Who knows? Even if it proves useless it will be an experiment.

A problem can be dropped so easily if you understand that it is you holding the problem, not the problem holding you.

Whatever you try to deny becomes very attractive.

Who are we without labels?

A good thing and not so good as nothing.

Try to experience oneness.

No matter how extreme a situation is it will change. It cannot continue forever. Fire cools. Water seeks its own level.

Without imbalance there would be no movement in life.

In midst of extreme situations, wise stay patient.

The closer something comes to completion the harder and more definite it becomes. The ends comes from the shaping.

Actions in life are reduced to two factors: Positioning and Timing
We can be in the right place at the right time and still miss the moment
Position is useless without awareness

All things happen together

Here is to the pens that make your handwriting look amazing.

Never test the depth of water with both feet.

Small steps to make incremental improvement
The key is no setbacks

Take a few minutes each day in silence to visualize, pray, give thanks, reflect.

Maintain a sense of self control

Friendship is made to have mutual benefits

World is an echoing place – we throw anger, anger comes back.

Doubt is a barrier

A line is a dot that took a walk – Paul Klee
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Summer PD Experiment #1: Waking Up To Alarm Clock and NOT iPhone

I think the first stop is establishing waking up at 4 am like I used to do in order to be productive. I have lost this piece and I think part of it is due to motivation, but my system in flawed.

I used to wake up like clockwork early in the morning in order to get my workouts done before my family would wake up. This gave me great peace of mind knowing I could have some morning solitude, workout, and be home before anyone was out of bed.

Lately, I have been struggling waking up. I overslept three days this week and missed my workouts. I make great excuses and know myself well enough to know that if I don’t get things done in the morning they never get done.

Time for change

Experiment #1: Use old school alarm clock and not my iPhone

My iPhone is an issue. I have noticed that since using my iPhone and keeping it at my bedside I oversleep, stay up much later, and am not sleeping as good as I could be.

So long Candy Crush, email checks, FB updates, Twitter checks, and online reading.

It is not needed.

My iPhone will remain on the main floor at night so I am not tempted to look at this screen late in the night or while laying in bed.

Time to get up and make things happen.

Not only will my sleep improve while getting up in a routine again, but it will give me time for solitude to think and reflect before becoming glued to my devices. This is part of experiment #2, but for now working on this one will be enough.

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Finding my routine? Where are you and how do I get back on track.

Summer is upon me.

One week down.

I have not gotten anything done and yet I don’t feel recharged or rested either.

What I have found is that I need to establish a routine, a system, a pattern to my life in order to get things done.

Starting doing lots of reading.

My summer PD if you call it will be all about digging into the patterns of the body and mind to help best utilize my time.

I have so much going on and yet I am not getting much of anything done.

I will be documenting these changes and experiments. Some very simple and others will be challenging.

It is time to quit wasting time by filling my days with mindless stuff that gets me nowhere.

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