041: Living On The Edge Of Chaos Roundtable Talk on The OA

In this episode the crew assembles once again for a roundtable discussion on our favorite show, The OA.

If you have not watched the show, then stop what you are doing and go binge watch right now.

If you have watched the show, then you must check this episode out and leave a comment sharing your ideas and thoughts.

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040: Living On The Edge of Chaos with Brian McCormick

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In this episode we discuss:

  1. How do we work to change how we as coaches and teachers change our perception of teaching?
  2. Why we need to change the perception on how we do the things we are currently doing.
  3. Understand the problems when players/students don’t see the reason WHY they are being asked to do the things they are being asked to do.
  4. The fear of charting down the paths that nobody else is doing and dealing with the following:
  5. What is the biggest difference in athletic mindsets today versus 10 years or 20 years ago?
  6. How do we deal with the idea of continuing to do the wrong things right instead of the right things wrong?
  7. Why children should play multiple sports instead of specializing in one.
  8. What are skills needed to be successful in life and on the court?

Resources Discussed in the Podcast

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Anders Ericsson

Check Out His books

The 21st Century Basketball Practice:

My book review 21st Century Basketball Practice by Brian McCormick 

21st Century Guide to Individual Skill 

Fake Fundamentals

Blitz Basketball:

Find Brian McCormick at the following places







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039: Living on the Edge of Chaos Podcast with John Cole

John Cole, founder of Dexter Industries joins us for the latest episode of the podcast.

In this episode we learn a great deal about life, learning, and entrepreneurship. What I love best about this particular episode is how he is able to share a glimpse of his journey into how he has arrived at his current point in life. This journey connects to so many students who are trying to navigate their interests and passions.

We discuss the following:

  1. How did he end up as the founder of Dexter Industries?
  2. The key skills needed to be adaptable and mobile in the job market and being successful in life.
  3. Why there is no discussion of the specific content needed to be hired for a job. Focus on the traits companies are looking for and no so much on what content you contain in your head.
  4. What is missing from the next wave of people looking for a job?(hint: you must be able to WRITE)
  5. Building a portfolio of perseverance and grit. We must prove our worth!


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038: Living On The Edge Of Chaos 2nd Roundtable Insanity Talk

We are back. Another Friday. Another crazy week. It was perfect to get together and make this episode happen. It was so fun and great way to end the week. Once again we had a blast with some crazy topics that will lead to great thinking, discussion, and further questions. Take a listen, and let us know what your answers are by leaving a comment. We would love to hear from you as well as what you thought about our ideas.

We would love to know two things

  1. What is your favorite topic of discussion this week?

  2. What questions do you want us to discuss? We are creating a random topic generator and need your ideas.

Please remember to leave a rating and feedback. We would love it if you took 3 minutes to leave us a rating.

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The image you see above was one of many paintings done on the Original Buddha Board.(buy one if you don’t own one). This has been a room favorite the last two weeks and during this show many paintings were created.


Topic 1: If you could pull one object out of any movie, then what would you pick and why? Here are our answers. Which one do you like best?

  1. Harry Potter Magic Wand
  2. Dr. Who Screwdriver
  3. Pulp Fiction briefcase
  4. Avenger Spaceship





Sidenote chat

  • Government plans for alien discovery

Topic 2: Is inspiration useful?

  • different from ambition
  • does it actually lead to action?
  • goals of education conferences to inspire – is this enough?
  • personal stories of inspiration and how they have carved a path for our current jobs and future goals

Topic 3: Are rappers modern day poets?

Topic 4: Mandela Effect


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037: Living On The Edge Of Chaos Roundtable Talk of Insanity

This episode has been an idea I have had with some fellow teachers for quite some time. Have you ever that moment where you get going into a deep conversation with fellow teachers during a prep or after school or whenever you can carve out time and afterwards you wish you had those ideas recorded for others to hear and respond to?

After talking about doing a podcast focused on a group of teachers just talking to showcase that we are more than just a Mr. or Mrs. whoever, we finally made it happen.

To keep it authentic we all agreed to bring a topic to the table for us to discuss, but we were not allowed to share the topic until the microphones were turned on. This kept the conversation authentic and fresh.

What you are about to listen to is a podcast that I think is not only awesome, but powerful, funny, and natural. It will hopefully give you something to think about and more importantly we hope you engage with us. Leave a comment, tell us what you agree with or what your answer is to the question.

Enjoy! And we hope you enjoy enough that we get to do this again.

Check out the show and episodes on iTunes


If you want to watch the first 25 minutes(ran out of battery) in 360 Virtual Reality video go here


Shownotes, Topics, and Resources

  1. Dual consciousness – in case you don’t understand this topic(like me!) start here in Wikipedia
  2. Corpus callosotomy – 8:00 minute mark
  3. Idle Hands – 8:30 minute mark
  4. When you write something with a pencil and then erase it…..where does it go? – 9:00 minute mark
  5. Inside Out
  6. Would you wait in line physically for 2.5 hours for an object or experience?
    1. Is the wait worth it?
    2. The bonding of strangers in line around you
    3. Is it a follower mentality?
    4. Being in line is such a major part of your life
    5. Cutting in line
  7. Would you rather….
    1. do something somewhat important and get credit? OR
    2. do something completely revolutionary such as cure cancer and never get credit?
    3. Hard part is this question has a socially accepted answer!
    4. Into the Badlands
    5. Fever 1793
  8. Could it be possible that Apple has their own hackers that create virus for Windows machines AND is ethical?
    1. Ethics is a category in Billy Madison
    2.  Does this even happen?
    3. Why is it that Macs never have a virus?

Games and Distraction

  1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf by Bezier Games
  2. Kanyezone.com
  3. Reddit Thread – explain it like I am 5
  4. Reddit Thread – change my view
  5. Giphy Tab

How to pronounce gif?



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036: Living On The Edge Of Chaos with Sarah Loomis

I am so pumped to share this episode with everyone. Sarah Loomis is an educator that has inspired so many people to be great. I was lucky to meet her this past summer in Colorado and her presentation on Makerspaces and Literacy has motivated me to create these experiences myself by using her ideas and testing out some new ones.

You can find Sarah on Twitter at @dodeastoy2015FOLLOWS She is a Department of Defense Instructional Tech Coach working in Germany. She is also a DoDEA Teacher of the Year, MIE Expert #mieexpert, MIE Surface Expert #surfaceEdu, Microsoft Cert. Ed, and SMART Exemplary Ed #see

My favorite part of this podcast is when she talks about a student who says

and the one question that has stuck with me

In this podcast you will learn about

  • Makerspaces and how to make it work with limited supplies
  • How to connect books to making
  • The power of the lightbulb moment
  • How to help students see the world in a new way
  • If we don’t limit students, then they will soar
  • The importance of wanting students to be creators, not just consumers.
  • Two important rules to have in your space

Check out her resources on how to get started

Check out the show and episodes on iTunes

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035: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Todd Flory

In this episode I have the pleasure to chat with Todd Flory. Todd is a 4th grade teacher from Kansas. He is doing some amazing work in regards to global education.

This was a fun episode as we explore the ins and outs of expanding your classroom beyond the four walls. This topic has been covered many times, but Todd brings a new level to the conversation as we discuss

  • How do you find another classroom to connect with?
  • How do you go about finding experts to speak to your students?
  • The benefits of mystery skype
  • What happens when a global learning moment ignites a spark for a student?
  • His latest project of doing a Skype BreakoutEDU
  • How to connect global projects to the standards

There are plenty of examples to get you started.

You can find more about Todd at the following


Check out the show and episodes on iTunes

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034: Living On The Edge of Chaos Podcast with Ginger Lewman

You are in for a treat with this episode. My great friend and educational hero, Ginger Lewman, was kind enough to spend some quality time discussing project based learning, quality learning, and a ton of other powerful concepts in this latest podcast episode.

If you have not check out her work, then you must check the resources at the bottom of this page.

I recently read her latest book and after reading the book, scribbling mass notes in the margins, and being reminded about the key things we must be doing in schools I just had to pick her brain some more.


In this episode we cover some key questions such as:

  1. What is project based learning?
  2. What are the common misunderstandings of pbl?
  3. Are shorter projects better?
  4. What is the importance of Wows, Hows, and Bows?
  5. How do we get started with pbl?
  6. How do we make pbl work within the confines of the school system?
  7. Why did we get into the profession of teaching in the first place?


Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and be ready to gain some new ideas to enhance your practice. As always we would love feedback, questions, a nice review on iTunes, and more.


You have two ways to access this podcast episode as well as all previous episodes

  1. Check out the show and episodes on iTunes

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033: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Tammy Dunbar

Season 3 of Living on the Edge of Chaos podcast is ready to knock your socks off with none other than Tammy Dunbar talking Genius Hour.

It has been a long time since season 2 ended. In that void of episodes I had a series of small side podcasts(all on the same channel) testing things out.

After some learning, revision, and moving into action Living on the Edge of Chaos is here.

I cannot be more excited to start off season 3 with anyone other than Tammy Dunbar. Tammy is a 5th grade teacher from California who also teaches technology and does a ton of trainings for teachers around the world. She is one who not just talks the talk, but walks the walk.

In this episode we discuss Genius Hour. Genius Hour has been covered many times, but this episode looks at the bigger picture of Genius Hour.

  • How does one connect this concept to the standards?
  • How do we move away from it being a “pocket of innovation” into the culture of innovation for a school?
  • Can implementing a program like this actually raise test scores?
  • What happens when we treat students as more than simply a number and data plot?

Below are the links to all references in the podcast to learn more.

We hope you enjoy. As always please reach out with questions, ideas, thoughts, and reviews by leaving a comment on iTunes or leaving a comment on the blog(coffeeforthebrain.com)

Last, you can reach out to Tammy on her website or on Twitter.

Enjoy this episode and be ready for an amazing season of pushing our thoughts on the status quo of education.

You have three ways to access this podcast episode as well as all previous episodes

  1. Check out the show and episodes on iTunes


3. If  you care to watch the video version, then here you go!


Show Notes

CV: https://docs.com/tammy-dunbar/about

Liberating Genius OneNote Journals/Lessons by Tammy


Liberating Genius Into Sways by Tammy


Free eBook “Liberating Genius” By Angela Maiers & Mark Moran


Liberating Genius by Angela Maiers


If looking for a list of pretty much everything Genius Hour, then check out this LiveBinder put together by Joy Kirr

A list of all previous episodes can be found here

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032: Quad Cities Ghost Hunters

I am really excited to share some amazing work of 7th grade students. One of our incredible educators from Bettendorf Middle School launched a project in her language arts class where students went on field trips to a variety of locations in the Quad Cities to explore whether or not these places are indeed haunted.

Students conducted field research and came back to work and develop a podcast to showcase and highlight their experiences.


What you are about to listen to are the top recordings of each location to give you the best listening experience.

Sit back, listen, and enjoy the podcast. The students welcome any feedback, comments, ideas, and most importantly if you have any stories from these locations or other locations.

In a future episode we will record a podcast with the students and teachers about the actual project and how to implement in your classroom.

But for now, we hope you don’t get too scared and maybe check out some of these locations for yourself.

Follow and Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes

Follow and Subscribe on Stitcher so please follow here if you use Stitcher

Here are the posters for the other four locations(fifth location posted above) also created by students in case you want to learn more



carter-m-canva kate-m-canva

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