How To Download Facebook Live Videos to Desktop

Have you ever been on Facebook and came across a video and wanted to download it to either share with others, use in the classroom, move over into a blog post, or for any other of the hundred reasons?

There are several ways to do this, but I have found one that is simple and quite easy to do that requires minimal work and effort.

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Productivity Tip: Presentation View to Battle Tabs, Tabs, and More Tabs

If you are like me, then you have a to do list a mile long of all these things that you want to get done. Now, not all of the items are essential but you have convinced yourself that they are to be done NOW! So you grab your coffee, head to your office and start working. However, the moment you open up your computer you instantly become distracted by the hundreds of tabs on your internet browser that you think you must read and should not close. Even worse, you have several browsers open with the same situation.

And just in case you accidentally close a tab you have the Sexy Undo extension to keep everything you close.

So, a few hours go by and you have dabbled in about 50 different things, but never completed one item from your list.

How do you fix this problem?

Below in this video I will show you one of many tips I use to stay focused. It is simple and easy. I will post more using other products that I use, but I will start with Google Apps and Chrome.

So easy and simple to use and it is free.

I hope you find this helpful.

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My #InboxZero System and How It Might Work For You!

This month I have been focused on decluttering my inbox. I have many things to declutter in my life, but focusing on one aspect a month has been good for me to stay focused and not bounce around all over the place.

“It requires much less energy to maintain e-mail at a zero base than at a thousand base.” ~ David Allen from Getting Things Done

How is your email inbox looking these days? If you are like me, then you have a lot! Or at least I did until I  made an effort to declutter.

As David advises in his book and in which it makes complete sense – it requires MUCH less energy to maintain e-mail at a zero base than at a thousand base. I never understood this until I hit


A few weeks back I recorded my first steps towards #inboxzero

My first step required my Google Inbox setup with categories

This was just the start. I used(key aspect of this word is the past tense!) my inbox as a storage device. I had to take everything I was storing and do something with them all.

In this second video you can see the tools, extensions, and more to take all my emails and move to the next step.

Let me know what you think. What other tips have you used to keep your inbox minimum? So far this system has kept my inbox to a very few emails in the last week.

Part three of this series I will tackle all my folder and remove the hundreds of folders I have created. But for now, one step at a time.

Leave a comment with your hacks!

It is important to reduce your inbox. All those emails are just screaming for you attention and you then wasting thinking energy trying to process those emails, determine what to do, which emails to read, and next thing you know your stress levels are starting to rise and you have barely finished your coffee and started your day. With an inbox at zero you can start calmer, fresher, and with more thinking energy.

Let me know how you do towards #inboxzero or how I can help!

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25 Day Challenge of Education and Productivity

I have a new challenge. In the month of March I want to post a challenge a day where people will be sharing out quick and easy techniques and tips to help us become better educators and people. I am hoping that at least 25 of you are brave enough to share a tip that you use to make it through the day.

I am still in awe over how  many of us have the unsure feeling of sharing. I am working hard in 2015 to help spread more teacher voice and empowerment.

This challenge is designed to allow some of you to share the great things you do.

Here are the details.

1. Pick out one idea from either teaching or life that you think others could benefit from and gain an edge.

Teaching – these ideas could be on learning targets, checking for understanding, assessments, tools, tech, classroom management, PBL, STEM, etc.

Life – these ideas could be on mindfulness, balance, productivity, art, creativity, relaxing, etc.

2. Double check that the idea is super easy to implement where it would take no more than 5 minutes to setup or attempt. I am not timing to the second, but the ideas should be doable for us to do the next day and report back.

3. Fill out the form so I can give you credit and properly explain the idea you have shared.

4. Please make sure you have recorded your podcast explanation to my Google Voice so I can use that in the audio portion of the post.

5. Spread the message and participate in the other ideas shared. Be sure to report back on what you thought about the idea.


I am really excited to see what you share! Be brave. Step outside the comfort zone and help others by sharing your wisdom. Your voice matters.

I await your ideas. While I wait I will be creating a few myself.

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Developing a Logbook, Recording Ideas, and Sticking to the Plan!

Something new to 2015 that I have never done before is keep a logbook. I have become fascinated by this idea ever since I read Austin Kleon’s post as well as in his book Steal Like An Artist.

I am stealing his idea.

I bought a Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Diary/Planner to make this happen.

These are twelve little books for each month. They are small, compact, and short on space.

I have thought this through because I don’t want them to become anything but a logbook. This is not a diary or a to do list. Both of these I already waste endless hours doing. This is more of a snapshot of things I actually did each day.

I think this will be fascinating to go back and read and see what I was doing when I actually felt and was productive vs. the unproductive moments.

One more step to clarity and focus in my life!

Below is a video explaining how I plan to use the logbooks to make sense of everything.


After using it for one month I am proud to say it was easy. I wrote every single day. Often times it was just little notes of ideas or actions, but enough that it kept me thinking about my goals and where I want to be.

They are small enough to keep in your pocket or bag. I am now finding myself with that naked feeling if I don’t have them with me at all times.

One thing I have found to be helpful is to label each day with one word at the top. This allows me to look for trends.

IMG_1400 IMG_1399

Last, anything that pops in my mind that is worth remembering I jot down in a small Field Notes book. It lines up perfectly with my month logbook and is small and easy to travel with as well.


Additionally, I am also using the Moleskine Evernote Weekly Planner as well to keep me on track. I am finding the paper calendars and notes to be more helpful than my Google Calendar. I use the Google Calendar for my school events, but anything in my life or really important things go in my planner. The whole notion of writing them down makes them stick to my brain. With Evernote stickers I can set up reminders if needed.

Last, I use on of the templates from Moleskine to keep me reminded of my year goals. These are free and more people need to be aware of these. So many great templates to use.

Coming soon will be guidance on how I use the Smart Stickers to organize my notes and ideas as well as how you can use the planner to set up reminders on your computer.


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2015 Goals: 31 Days Gone and 28 day goal plan

January has come and gone already. Hard to believe 31 days can go by so fast. I have been keeping track of my goals and doing things to help me stay focused. Here is how the month developed and ended up and also where I plan to go in February.

Before I get into all the details one tool that really helped me with life this month as well as my  goals was using my Moleskine notebooks for my logbook

My big three goals for January were


Goal 1: 2014 Lists were successful. I posted many blog posts about reflecting and making changes for 2015 based on these lists.

1.03.15 Coffeechug YouTube Success and Suck in 2014 

1.02.15 Using Evernote Moleskine Planner To Prepare and Plan in 2015 

1.01.15 234 Posts and What I Learned from 2014? If Anything 

I gathered more data, but did not blog about them all because not everyone cares. Looking at data allowed me to see what was working and not working. It has really helped me develop a vision for 2015.

Goal 2: Sphero Workshop

I am not where I want to be with this quite yet. I have not moved beyond the brainstorming and sketching stage. I took the amazing day at #CentCon15 to see what worked well and this month will be expanding the Sphero session to a full blow workshop for Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego at High Tech High.

Goal 3: Drop 5 lbs

I started the month weighing an all time high in my life of 243.4 As of weigh Saturday after working out I dropped to 230.6. Almost 13 lbs which I am quite proud of. Not too bad for one month of work. I am hoping to drop 5 lbs this month.

I completed 52.84 miles of running

I completed 204.3 miles of biking

Total 257.14

I missed a few workouts and ate not the smartest. It is time to clean both of these aspects up a bit more in February.


February Goals

Based on how January went and looking towards another one month milestone here is what I am after. I have more than 3 this month. They are all important and fit into the three main goals of 2015. One goal  not shown in the picture is to drop 5 lbs this month.


Overall Year Goals Progress

Looking back at January I feel that my year goals are right on track.

Year Goals

1. Get back to healthy weight and lifestyle. Here is what I have done so far……

  • Dropped almost 13 lbs
  • Biked 204.3
  • Ran 52.84
  • Total Mileage 257.14

2. Streamline life so I can be more productive in specific avenues. So far so good…..

  • LEGO EV3
    • Sketched out framework for new videos with EV3
  • Sphero
    • Workshop plans are ready to be implemented
  • Productivity
    • Discovered new tools to help me stay focused
  • MakerEd

3. Be Home More. Toughest one, but I did work on this.

  • I did not go to EdCamp due to be gone too much the previous weeks
  • Said no to some commitments
  • Looking to reduce after school commitments for next school year.
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Even In Failure There Is A Gift

This month I have been working on using a new tool that I think is very useful and looks amazing. This tool is called Sway and it is one of the newest product/tools that Microsoft has created.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.32.14 AM

I am still learning the ropes of this amazing tool, but so far I am loving it. I have created several Sways this month and most recently have used it for my newsletter: Weekly Dose of Caffeine.

Over time I know that this tool will become more robust with more features. What I really enjoy about this tool is that it helps you organize your thoughts in a fashion that flows, but is easy for the ready to chunk the material and process. Down the road I see myself using this to present information at meetings, bringing it into the classroom for students to use, and hopefully this summer experiment with Sway as a presentation slidedeck for a presentation.

The beauty of it for me is the ease. I would like a few more options, but I think they will develop over time. I wish I could pick the exact layout that I want, but for now the Remix function challenges my thinking about layout.

If you have not used Sway, I strongly urge to test it out. Everything is stored online so you always have access and in a few minutes you will figure out how to make things work. It is that easy. Additionally, the more you play, the more you realize what it can all do.

For example, here is my latest newsletter.

This week for my newsletter I focused on the topic of FAILURE!

Even In Failure There Is A Gift

This week I wanted to focus on failure…

Now I know we get tired of hearing, reading, and talking about failure as it is a buzzword. However, I am approaching failure a bit differently and sharing how our mindset and celebration of trying can really help us learn, grow, and develop.

Enjoy and read all about it here!

You can check it out above or access the link here

Don’t forget that if you wish to sign up for the newsletter you can do so here.

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Rejection does not matter. It matters what you do after being rejected.


I have been rejected for so many things in my life I lose count. Some hurt more than others. This year I am keeping track in a notebook documenting what I get rejected for and what I get accepted for.

At the time of this writing, I have been rejected three times and accepted once.

It is part of life. It is part of learning.

What I have learned after taking some rejections too hard is that I must persevere and improve. What the rejection tells me is that I am not good enough……YET! It is easy to point the finger and blame the organization or people for not seeing the value of what I am offering, but when you point blame there are three fingers pointing right back at you.

Instead you must look at yourself and find out where to improve. This is why 2015 is going to be a good year. I am bringing focus and clarity to my life.

We live in world defined by it boundaries. You cannot travel faster than the speed of light is one example. BUT….

Human consciousness is boundlessness and with this we can continue to defy the odds. This is what I plan to do. I will not let my mind be defined by boundaries. I will live without boundaries.

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The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. Time to Move from Here to There

I decided to read the book, The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, after my son was intrigued by the cover when we were at the bookstore. I like to read graphic novels every once in a while. This was a good read that really made you think about a few things.

The basic gist of the story is a man named Dave lives on an island named Here. Here is the same in all aspects of life. As he questions life and thinks about There he breaks out in a beard which causes the uniformity to go unbalanced. The story dives into what happens when his life changes.

I found a couple passages worth sharing

“Because Here, the sea was a thing to fear, The sea led to There.”

“There was disorder. There was chaos. There was evil.

“There was a place to which nobody had ever even been. No one alive anyway. there stories were enough for most people, including Dave.

I bundle all these together because they are really close together in the book. More importantly how many of us are afraid of “there”. That place right beyond our comfort zone where it is scary. It is tough to walk that extra step to new territory. It reminds me of Lord of the Rings (thanks for jogging my memory during your keynote @stumpteacher)

You see this book was powerful in the sense that it reminded me that so often we worry about not messing with things because it has always been a certain way. What if we push a bit further? What if we take that next step? We just might find that the stories we grew up with and start to believe are just that – stories.

I recommend this book to read if you are stuck. You cannot find your way out of Here to get to There.

The novel has beautiful artwork and a strong, but powerful message told through the lens of Dave and what happens when you start to grow a beard.

Check out the book

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