A Goal For Myself Among The Other Flat Classroom Projects: Bit Literacy and Email Account to Zero

I am taking the Flat Classroom Teacher class working with some AMAZING people who have done nothing more than help me become more efficient and push me to levels with technology integration in my teaching. In only two weeks I have already set up many new tools and goals for myself to help me become a better teacherpreneur in my school.

One of the things that I have done while studying and learning for this course was create a list of books and resources. On this list is a book titled, Bit Literacy

I am only about 24% through this book, but I am really inspired to become Bit Literate. I am realizing that every bad habit Mark Hurst mentions in his book so far is a staple of how I operate things. His suggestions make complete sense.

Let me back up and explain what Bit Literacy means. From the book, “There is a better way. It’s something I call “bit literacy,” a set of skills for living and working with bits in a healthy and productive way.”

I will be blogging about this several times over the next few weeks, but just need to post one of my goals this weekend. 

To have ONE of my several email accounts to read ZERO emails in the inbox. He suggests that you clear them all out and don’t do it in a gradual process. I cannot do that yet. I am not comfortable going all out with them all. I will start with one and progress to two and so on.

I am scared and nervous. I have emails saved from years ago that I just cannot let go. It is time.

From the book, “Success in the bit world comes from creating a quiet, empty place where we can focus on the bits we want, when we want them.”

One of the things that stood out to me so far was this passage.

“E-mail is just a medium; the content determines what the message truly is and where it belongs. Users should use the right tool for each kind of message: a todo list for todos, a calendar to store appointments, and so on. No message, no matter what it says, belongs in the inbox.”

This is the passage that clicked in my head. It is just a medium. Not a storage device or a cluster of to do agendas. I need to get better organized. It starts this weekend by clearing out one inbox. I will let you know how it goes. 

In the meantime, how do you organize your bits? With all the information being thrown in our direction, how do you make sense of it all? Is your inbox full? What do you use to keep track of your To Do List? This topic will be covered in the future. I am bad at this let me tell you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

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Flat Classroom Teacher Certification Course

I just came across this earlier this week and I quickly sent out some emails to see if it was too late to join. I was lucky enough that they said yes. I have scrambled the last few days to get caught up and try to figure out where everything is(there sure are a lot of links, sites,wikis, etc.)


I am going to learn so many new things. I am going to be even better at what I do when this course ends.

Here is what I had to do this week

1. Sign up for all the sites and get approval
2. Go back and listen/view the initial meeting on Elluminate
3. Begin to read my reading assignments
4. Complete two challenges for the module this week
5. Work on a Personal Journal

Here is my journal as of Saturday morning at 7:30. It will probably be added to and modified, but thought I would share what I have so far.

Challenge #1: Set up your RSS Reader

Do after: Module 1 Connection
Do: Set up your personal learning network using the RSS reader of your choice. Set an appointment with yourself for at least fifteen minutes three times during the next week to learn from your PLN. Share: Comment on at least three blogs or sites in your PLN with your reflections on what they are saying.

Tag: fcc1_pln


Challenge #2: Set up Your Blog

Do after: Module 1 Connection
Do: Set a time to talk to colleagues and/or administrators about what you are learning. Discuss blogging with them and what you have learned. Find out about the expectations for authoring a professional blog in your school or educational community. Set up your blog with appropriate privacy and permission settings. As an alternative to a personal blog, we invite you to join our Flat Classrooms educational network and have your blog there. (http://flatclassrooms.ning.comShare: Email the link to your blog to someone in your learning community.

Tag: fcc2_blog


This was a new experience for me. I have a Google Reader that I use to track infomation important to me. I have always wanted to integrate this aspect into my teaching and classroom, but just have not had to time to figure out the logistics of doing so. I think I have things in my Google Reader that I don’t want my students to read so trying to learn about how to create that divide is something I need exposure to. I have also never tagged any posts before so this was new. Not quite sure the purpose or why I did this, but I would assume it would be to use in my classroom to tag sites, articles, etc. that fit a unit of instruction. I post comments all the time and actually my Google Reader keeps taking time away from reading YA novels. Drats!!!!

I also use FeeddlerRSS app on my iPad to read my Google Reader. I find it to be the easiest to use while sitting in my sunroom reading at night before I go to bed or early in the morning. I am open to other apps, but I don’t typically read my Google Reader via a computer. What I will do is star and share any links that I like or find interesting. When I make it to my computer at home or school, then I will read those items again in more detail and post comments at this point. I don’t post comments as much as I should or like. Which does not make sense because on the other end of the stick I am constantly wanting more comments on my own blog.

My blog has been going on for a few years now. www.coffeeforthebrain.blogspot.com

This blog is pretty popular among students, teachers, staff, and other online friends I have made along the way. It has really taken off over time and most recently over the last year or so. I will post to my blog about this journey as needed. I post probably too much as is, but it will be nice to reflect on my blog throughout this journey to see what type of feedback I get. This project is off to a great start and I am glad I am taking time to get involved and push myself to new levels. My target audience is students, but I have many teachers and educators who also read my posts. Taking time to add some more educational type posts will be a new goal of mine and see where it leads me.

‘What?’, ‘So what?’, ‘Now what?’ model and in my case a quick summary of my rant above

  • ‘What?’ – describe the learning experience including factual information about new tools and resources discovered
    • I use FeeddlerRSS app on iPad to read my Google Reader http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/feeddler-rss-reader-for-ipad/id364873582?mt=8
    • What apps does everyone else use for their learning purposes?
    • I need to learn how to create a PLN for my school and classroom that is separate or at least divided up from my private one
      • Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to set this up soon and test it out with the few weeks of school that remain
  • ‘So what?’ – Reflect critically on how this new learning has impacted on your life as an educator, share what you believe were the highlights and difficult aspects of the module
    • I was just reading a great article about retiring class binders and taking everything to the digital world. http://thecleversheep.blogspot.com/2011/03/retire-binder.html
    • I want to move in this direction and some of the first steps to moving in this direction is to understand how to create a PLN for my students and my classroom and to use it effectively
    • I have just added several things to my To Do List(must paint the rooms of my kids first before wife loses her patience with me) that I want to accomplish this school year and RSS feeders for my class is one thing along with turning my iPad into an IWB in my classroom
  • ‘Now what?’ – write about your ideas for taking this learning to the next level and what you are going to do with the new tools, new concepts and describe a possible path for development
    • I think I already discussed this above. My plate is already full and it is time to sit down and eat!
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