AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Step 0 – Establishing 4 Goals the Zig Ziglar Way

Before I even go into the 24 Day AdvoCare Cleanse and Weight Loss Challenge I always feel that it is important to have goals in life. To be fit and healthy is a goal. An important goal. But it is not everything. We must be able to see the big picture and see how all the pieces fit. Often times I find myself on such a one track mode of thought that I forget all these other life factors. Then I get too deep and then things never pan out quite the way I want……..

Which feeds into why so many people start off the new year with great intentions to only fail a 4-8 weeks into the year.

So, starting on January 7th a large group of us are taking on the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge to get our health and fitness back on track. You can join the group and join us if you wish by going here

But before we begin our 24 days in about 5 days I think it is important to get organized and prioritize our lives.

So, one of the gurus of goals and setting up goals is Zig Ziglar. If you have not heard of this man(God bless his soul as he passed away not too long ago), then you need to Google him and get caught up.

I have a workbook based on one of his systems to getting organized and setting proper goals. He has a plan that creates four goals. It starts wide open and through a simple, but yet effective process really forces you to pause and reflect on what you REALLY hope to achieve with your life and goals.

Here are the first few steps in establishing goals. There are so many methods out there, but this is one that has helped me the last year and I will be using it again. I know that at first it sounds quite cheesy, but take it serious and go through these steps. Over the next few days I will continue to update with what to do next.

For me personally, I know I want to be in triathlon peak performance. I don’t have a goal of losing weight, but I know that it is part of the process for me. I know that for me I personally don’t do well with setting a goal of say losing 10lbs. Once I do that, then what? Can you keep losing forever? No, so this process helps me create a goal in such a manner that will allow me to achieve maximum fitness with a side affect of me losing weight. It works great.

Ok, onto the first few steps. Here we go…..

Step 1: Create a dream list of anything you would like to do, be, or have. Anything. This should probably be more than 50 items pretty easily. Give yourself a day or two to come up with ideas. Hold nothing back. Keep this list personal and show nobody as it is your dream list.

Step 2: After your list is generated go through and scratch off all things illegal, violates the laws of physics, or was there merely to get you moving. VERY IMPORTANT: do not cross of items that are difficult. If you don’t have difficult items on the list, then perhaps you are selling yourself short.

Step 3: Copy items that remain onto a new page. Next to each one write down what’s in it for you and the people you care about. What happens to you and your team(friends, family, this group, etc.) if you reach this goal? If you can’t come up with a list you care about, then cross it off. A goal you don’t care about is not a goal. The goal here is to figure out what is realistic and unrealistic, what is not worth your time, and what you are truly willing to work for.

That is a good start. Tomorrow I will post the next step. 

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Getting It Done Episode 2: Eating Goals

I plan on posting the specifics to my eating goals soon, but in the meantime I thought it would be important to talk just a bit about how to mentally prepare. Instead of going in head first like I typically do with things I am going to go in steps and stages slowly integrating a new habit of eating healthy. The end result will be worth it not only for me, but for my family.

Check out the video here:

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Training – Week 5 – Week 3 of Marathon Training – Friday – A Hodge Podge of Excercise

Woke up this morning at 4:50 and ate a small bowl of cereal.

I was still feeling the effects from the 14 mile run on Wednesday.

I took yesterday off completely and did not do anything workout related to let the body regroup as I had not had a rest day since Saturday and my body was in need of one.

I got up this morning and decided to jump on my bike to warm up my leg muscles and get a good little workout in prior to my 3 mile easy run.

I rode 8.43 miles on the bike in 35 minutes. My legs were dead the last few miles. I am not a bike rider at all. This being only like the 4th or 5th time of actually riding a bike this summer. I finished up the ride and tried to go downstairs in my house to knock out some push-ups and my legs about buckled from under me. I was able to manage without crashing which was a minor miracle in itself.

After my bike ride I knocked out my 100 Push-Up Challenge workout that I did not get in on Wednesday.
Set 1: 14
Set 2: 17
Set 3: 12
Set 4: 12
Set 5: 19+(I did 35)

After this I stretched out a little bit and 10 minutes later I took off on a 3 mile run with You-Dee. This was a needed run to knock out the fatigue and heaviness in my legs. I ran the 3 miles in 23:37 which is a 7:48 pace. The first two miles were nice and easy like I needed, but I decided to push the last mile to see what I had and ran mile 3 in 7:07. I recovered very quickly after the run which is great for me.

This is a great start to the day. All done by 7 am. What are you doing to start your day on the right track? Don’t wait, get going now on your goals.

Later I might knock out a TRX workout, but we will see how the day develops. Have a great Friday.

Time for some breakfast.

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Training – Week 5 – Week 3 of Marathon Training – Wednesday 14 Mile Long Run – Longest Distance Ever and in the Rain and with Consequences

I apologize now for the long title to this post and for the long entry, but I have a lot to say.

Here I sit at 10:32 at night typing up this post when I should be in bed as I know Ava will be up tonight and the kids will be up bright and early ready for breakfast. But, I had to get this post typed up as I have some great things to share.

Today I was all prepped to get my long run in for the week. It has only been 6 days since last week when I did my last long run, but for some reason I was mentally prepared to run the long distance today. Being that I was afraid and doubted that I could run 14 miles I figured I should get it done today.

I woke up late this morning. I was exhausted. I just could not stop being tired. Amanda had to tutor at 9:00 so I had to wait until she came back which at that time it started to rain. I was mad as I was all geared up with pre run nutrition and hydration and mindset. I had to wait because she had to tutor again at 1:00. God bless her soul for helping the youth with math because I can barely count on my fingers.

By this point in the day I decided to pack it up and call it a rest day. However, I was anxious for some reason. I was constantly in motion in my house and driving everyone crazy. Finally, about 4:30 I decided to pack up and go for it. We had a house full of kids, but Amanda had her friends over so I did not feel too guilty and took off.

It rained and rained and rained and misted in between the rain. It was cool out so I did not have to worry about overheating. I felt really good in the beginning. I had to serious plot out my route while running to make sure I did not repeat any roads because I tend to lose motivation when I have to loop.

I really focused on running nice and easy to make sure I completed the run. I was able to finish the 14 mile run in 2 hours and 2 minutes which is an 8:44 pace and a burning of almost 2500 calories for me. This is the longest run and time ever for me. I was so proud. I actually almost got teary eyed on mile 13.5 realizing that I busted down the walls that I set in my mind. I will be honest and tell you that I did not think I would be able to run this far. I know it goes against my GETTING IT DONE mindset, but I had seriously built up some mental walls. Knowing that I busted through that wall today is huge for me. I was actually able to tell that I was proud because I ran the last mile in 8:14 after the previous miles were all 8:30 or above.

I DID IT. So can you! You just have to put in your mind to get it done.

I did learn many new things during my two hours out on the road.

1. My family is awesome. I always think how lucky I am to have a wife who allows me to wander aimlessly around town running when she is stuck at home with the kids. God bless her as she is always supportive of all my crazy ideas.

2. I have been reading lately about not running in cotton socks. I keep reading about how they can cause blisters. I have never had blisters, but I never usually ran that far either. Today during the rain and the long run I learned that cotton socks do cause blisters. Check out my first nasty blister. Time for some running socks and to learn how to care for a blister. Any suggestions would be great!

3. Stomach Issues – I don’t know what it is, but my last few runs over 5 miles have caused me great stomach problems. My stomach will hurt during the run and for several hours after running. Not sure what causes this, but this is something I need to find a solution to because it kills! I had to fight a terrible stomach pain the last 7 miles like no other. It was not fun.
4. Knees – I feel like I am complaining a lot, but my knees were on fire the last three miles. Everything else besides my knees, stomach, and blister were awesome. Cardio wise I felt great. Legs felt good until the last mile, but my knees were shot.
5. I CAN DO THIS – For a marathon I would still have 12 more miles, but I know that after today of breaking down my mental wall that I can do anything I put my mind to. This is a huge day for me. I know thousands of people run this distance all the time, but I am not what I consider a “runner” nor do I have the body of a “runner” so this is huge for me.
Time for bed and praying for no cramps. My legs are dead and my toe hurts. Good night. 
Don’t forget to ask yourself what you are doing to break down your mental walls. What are your strategies? I would love to hear them.
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Training – Week 5 – Week 3 of Marathon Training – Tuesday 5 Mile EZ…A Good Nice Run!

Woke up this morning to a great morning. It was warm, but not too hot. The rain cleared out last night and so this morning was a great time to run.

I jumped on my bike to the Y for a warm up as my legs and body were tired and a tad bit sore from the workout last night. Two miles is such a perfect distance for warming up and cooling down.

Ran with You-Dee this morning and it was a nice change to be able to run and hold a conversation. It was a nice break from my headphones. We ran at a good easy pace as I did not want to push too much as I pushed pretty hard yesterday and big guy is still trying to get his hip back in shape to run.

We ran the 5 miles in 40 minutes for an 8:05 pace.

Did some cool down stretching and rode my bike on back home. This last sentence reminded of a Jimmy Buffett song:

Blew out my flip flop
Stepped on a pop top
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home

Totals for this morning
2 Mile Bike Ride – 8:46
5 Mile Run – 40:28
2 Mile Bike Ride – 8:04

A great morning. Off to make a healthy blueberry breakfast pie thing with the kids and enjoy the rest of the day.

Are you reaching your goals? What did you do this morning to ensure a great day?

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Training – Week 5 – Week 3 of Marathon Training – Monday 3 Mile EZ…Test of Body

My last post was part of my Getting It Done series and in that post I talked about the frustrations I get with people making excuses. I made a vow to myself today to not make any excuses and get the job done.

Tonight after Aiden finished his baseball game I came home and ran 3 miles. It was supposed to be an easy run, but I felt pretty good in the 80 degree heat and started thinking about my 4 mile race coming up in 3 weeks. I have a goal for the race and tonight I decided to push my body a little bit to see where I was training wise. Trying to push the body for a fast time on a 4 mile run is much different than training to sustain movement over the course of 26 miles.

I ran the 3 miles in 21:48 which comes to a 7:14 pace. I felt good afterwards and was able to recover pretty quickly. I hope I can push a little harder next week and see how much I can trim off this time before finalizing my run time. Right now I am set on running the 4 mile race under 28 minutes.

Here is quick breakdown
Mile 1: 7:32
Mile 2: 7:12
Mile 3: 6:57

I came home and then completed my 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Up Challenge since my body was nice and warmed up.
Set 1: 12
Set 2: 15
Set 3: 10
Set 4: 10
Set 5: 19+ (I knocked out 30)

Being the start of the 3rd week in this program I am still having a hard time imagining being able to do 100 consecutive push-ups, but time will tell.

I also wanted to get in a TRX workout tonight as well. This part proved tough. I started the workout, but Ava was being fussy so I had to stop mid workout to help with Ava. Finally, I was able to get AVa calmed down, took Aiden down to the basement with me and had to find the desire to finish this workout. I completed the TRX 3D Strong workout. Holy Cow! This workout was harder than the Condition to Win. It really taxed my body and made me realize how weak I am. My shoulders are very sore right now along with some tired legs.

I did not make excuses. I found a way to get it all done. Really, when you break down the time this all took just a little over an hour. That is one tv program or elimination of checking Facebook for the 100-200 times of the day.

Find a way to reach your goals. I mentioned in a previous Getting It Done post about setting a goal. Coming up I will be talking about the system in which I use to help me mark my checkpoints along the way to achieving my goals.

It is time for bed as I have a run bright and early tomorrow.

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Training – Week 4 – Week 2 of Marathon Training – Sunday 3 Mile Recovery Run w/ TRX – Recovery from weekend!

I did it. I finally managed to get my 3 mile recovery run in this week.

It took me until Sunday. Three days after my long run of the week on Thursday.

I had hoped to get my run in Friday before Amanda left for her weekend of fun, but time got the best of us as we tried to mow, grab some groceries, pack, etc.

I took a few steps back Friday and Saturday with my eating binge. I fell apart on Friday completely eating more junk than I have consumed in the last month all together.

I guess we will have those setbacks and sometimes those are good to have to remind us to keep our focus on the prize. It was also a reminder about how terrible junk food really makes you feel. I felt terrible all day. I was uncomfortable, sluggish, and slept terrible. It was a good reminder for me to know that I have been doing great things with my training and nutrition the last two weeks.

One day was all it took to set me straight.

Saturday I did not eat horrible, but just did not eat enough and therefore I did the opposite of Friday and snacked all day, but not really consuming a great meal.

Today I felt the results of two bad days of eating as the three miles felt terrible. My stomach was uneasy and the run felt hard. Yes, it was warm out, but I don’t think that was the reason. It was a relief to my body to sweat some of the toxins and junk out of my system.

This 3 mile run put me at 29 miles for the week which is right on track with my marathon plan of being ready for my first marathon on September 25th.

I also knocked out another round of TRX Condition to Win to work my core again. This workout really taxes the core in 30 minutes and I think I sweated more during this than my run in the 80 degree heat.

Needless to say I feel good about myself again. I was not motivated to get out there on a Sunday evening, but I reminded myself of my goals and where I want to be in 4 months. That was all I needed.

I have a big week coming up with my running. 30 miles of running with my farthest run of my life of 14 miles. Yes, I am nervous, but that is a sign that I am focused and preparing myself for what needs to be done.

Getting It Done is never easy, but nothing in life worth anything is ever easy.

Remember to share your goals with me so we can work together to achieve.

Enjoy the rest of Father’s Day. Time for some dinner. Fish on the grill!!!

I ran my 3 miles in 23:30 which is a 7:46 pace.

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Training – Week 4 – Week 2 of Marathon Training – Thursday 12 Mile Run – Hardest Run Of My Life

Today is my seventh straight day of running. As you know I had to change plans in my running this week(see previous post if you care to read why)

 Today was my hardest run I have ever had to complete up to this date. I was reminded of a quote I posted earlier in the week:(this post was the 1st in my new series titled, Getting It Done)

“Adversity is usually a prerequisite to great things.”
 Today I met diversity. I had to knock out 12 miles today. I ate my regular breakfast, but I don’t think it was enough for what I needed for the run. I did not get out until mid morning and it was a little warm out this morning with the sun bright and shining. I felt fine for the first few miles actually not even looking at my watch until the 4.5 mile mark. At this point I thought, “Alright, I got this. This will be another great run after the amazing run yesterday.” 
 By mile 6 everything changed. My mental strength was lost. My stamina ran away. My legs started to fill with cement and my stomach was killing me. At this moment in time I had two decisions
1. Use these as excuses in addition to running 7 straight days and call it a day
2. Suck it up, learn to fight through this and finish this run and be a place where you want to be.
I thought about this long and hard. I remembered the quote above. I remembered how frustrated I was last time I did not follow through with my goal and training. I remembered all my posts on this blog and my new series Getting It Done. I knew I had to do this for myself and to hopefully be an inspiration for others to  accomplish their goals.
 I fought tooth and nail(what is the history of this phrase anyways?) to finish the last 6 miles. Every step my body continued to go downhill. However, after getting to mile 10 I knew it was all good and time to finish the run up. 
 At the 11.5 mile mark with the end so close my quads locked up. They were fried. Not sure if I was just out of fluids, energy, soreness, fatigue, or probably everything mentioned, but they were hurting something fierce. So, I just counted my steps and fought to the finish. 
When I finished I was so glad I did not quit. I was able to accomplish this goal. Once again realizing that we are capable of so much more when we actually push through the adversity. Our brain is wired to tell us to stop as precaution. However, our bodies can do so much more. We as humans do not give ourselves a chance to realize our limits because we always pull up way too early in adversity.
I did it. You can too.
 Don’t stop trying hard to Getting It Done!
And yes, I have a recovery run tomorrow of 3 miles and then two maybe three days off of no running to allow my joints and legs to recover. They have stood this nice little stretch of running.
 I ran the 12 miles in 1:45 which is a 8:45 mile pace. I spent from mile 8 on with my heart rate in zone 4 of  an average rate of 162 or higher.

Mile 1: 8:38
Mile 2: 8:24
Mile 3: 8:19
Mile 4: 8:27
Mile 5: 8:48
Mile 6: 8:53
Mile 7: 8:48
Mile 8: 8:59
Mile 9: 9:06
Mile 10: 9:03
Mile 11: 8:57
Mile 12: 8:43
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Training – Week 4 – Week 2 of Marathon Training – 5 Miles EZ

Earlier today I announced a new blog post series I am titling, “Getting It Done” which you can read here.

This post mentions the problems I had this morning getting my 5 mile run in this morning.

I was not motivated to run later today, but I fought through the mental barrier and got it done.

I am glad I did because as I have stated in several posts, you almost always feel better after a run than before it.

I had to fight mentally to get through the 5 miles.

Today I did work on a breathing technique the last .75 of the run where I was taking deep inhales lasting two steps and exhaling one step. This really helped me sustain a higher octane run. I did not fatigue as quickly as I thought. It was hard breathing this way, but I remember reading somewhere about taking in deeper inhales of air. I am not sure if I could sustain that over the course of a 5K or 4 mile run as I found it hard to breathe that way, but it really helped. Just to test the difference I went back to breathing out of my mouth and I instantly took shallow inhales and my body tensed up and I almost felt a panic overcome my body.

I will continue to work on my breathing as I continue to train.

I did finish with a good run.

Mile 1: 7:49
Mile 2: 7:32
Mile 3: 7:32
Mile 4: 7:22
Mile 5: 7:07

This lead to a 5.07 mile run in 37:54. I did not feel too bad afterwards. I really feel my body starting to adapt to the running.

In the mornings I do wake up quite sore and the bottoms of my feet are killing me. My right foot has some moderate pain on the balls of my feet across the whole pad. I hope that goes away soon.

This is one step in the right direction to GETTING IT DONE

What are you getting done today?

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Training – Week 4 – Week 2 of Marathon Training – Change of Plans – 4 miles

Whew! What a great way to start the week. I had intended to not run as Mondays are usually  my days of rest. However, while going through the morning routine of feeding Ava and drinking a few cups of coffee I realized that this week would have to change in format.

As mentioned yesterday my wife is going to the New Kids On The Block concert Saturday night in Chicago. She and 7 other girls are leaving Friday to shop and have fun for the weekend.

What does that mean for me? Well, I will try and survive entertaining a 6,4, and 5 week year old. We will have fun no doubt. But, in terms of training I am not able to take off for any running. I typically do my long runs on Saturday.

So, here is my plan for the week. I will get my 5 days of running in right in a row. I will move my long run to Thursday and recovery run to Friday. This will give me two days of rest on Saturday and Sunday which my body will need. By Friday that will be 8 straight days of running. This might be pushing it, but it is the plan I have chosen to follow. I will listen to my body and back off as needed. No need to do more than the body can handle so early in training.

Moving on today I had a great workout this morning.

While waiting for Amanda to wake up I took the kids out for a nice 30 minute walk. It felt good to get out early and just enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. The kids had a great time riding their bikes farther than our driveway.

I started the day off with the TRX Condition to Win workout which is a 30 minute core workout. Honestly, this might have been one of the hardest things I have done in quite some time. It was obvious about ten minutes in that my core needs some help and that my left leg/side of body is so much weaker than my right. If I can balance that out I will be excited to see how that helps me out.

After finishing that up I sat and hung out with Ava and Amanda before going out for a 4 mile easy run. I ran 30:47 for a 7:40 pace. I felt really good. I have ran again in my Kinvara 2 shoes. I am really enjoying these shoes more and more on these short runs.

Lastly, after I got home I quickly set up Ava in her chair and knocked out my 100 Push-Up Training Challenge.
Set 1:12
Set 2: 15
Set 3: 12
Set 4: 12
Set 5: 16+(I was cashed at 20)

I am ready for the rest of the day.

Don’t lose sight of your goals and keep pushing to achieve them.

Never forget that butterflies = air nachos

I need to design a logo for my new little phrase. I want to create a running shirt with this phrase. If you are an artist please send me some artwork of “Butterflies = air nachos” and I will put it on a shirt and run with it in my next race.

See you tomorrow.

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