Hololens: Unboxing and Getting Started

I am beyond grateful for a grant I recently wrote. This grant has allowed us to purchase a Microsoft Hololens. The grant has been designed to pilot a new programming challenge for students to write code and games for content classes in our school. The grant awarded us one pair of Microsoft Hololens as we hope to develop AR learning tools.

I am not going to lie. We have no idea what we are doing. At this point I have not even brought this to the hands of our students as they are wrapping up a few projects that are in URGENCY mode. Once they finish their current projects we will be moving into this journey and I cannot wait.

As a nerd I could not wait. I have created a video of unboxing and my journey with simply wearing the device and exploring the games. The video also shows a short glimpse of my 5 year old daughter using Hololens.

All I can say is MINDBLOWN. This is going to change everything. Mark my word. It may not always look like a Hololens, but the concept of AR is going to be the future.

We will be documenting our entire journey here on the blog. For now it will be a matter of understanding the layout of Hololens and what it has to offer. From there we will begin to learn to code with Unity and the other tools that we have started downloading. If there are things you want to know, then please leave us a comment and we will be sure to cover them in future episodes.

Until our next episode enjoy


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