auditory point of view websites for students

A few useful sites to give students a different perspective from an auditory point of view:
Aural History (cool excerpts, recorded interviews / speeches, audio segments from movies, etc.)
Science Radio (radio stations from around the world)
Free Old Time Radio Shows (the serials are fun to listen to. Great sound effects and acting.)
Live Radio Stations of the World (fabulous site!! even has police scanners!)
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Coffeechug Listography: I need to explore these, have you?

I am continuing to sort my notepads and eliminate all these massive volumes of pages of notes that I scribbled on tons of notepads. This post is based on two pages of lists of things I told myself to check out. I have not checked them out yet, but before I lose these notes I am typing them up.

If you any an recommendations or have used/heard/read about these please let me know.

1. Minecraft Project for Schools
2. Sekai Camera
6. socialbro
7. bufferapp
10.Robert Miller
12. Calm Counter/ Noise Dial
15. Nearpod
16. Monday Trick Shot
17. Move strawberry in water with mind
18. DOINK/EDCanvas
19. Amy Unell
20. Augment Reality Apps
21. Too Big Too Know – Weinberger
22. Teecino – I have used these products and they are AWESOME!
23. Lego Poetry
24. MJ Failure video
25. Star Wars Snowflakes
26. Lego Brick Race
27. Lego Brickshow
28. Teachem – free online teaching platform


40% of our actions are not based on decisions, but habits.

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Coffeechug Notes: Finding Your Zone by Dr. Lardon, Part 2: Overcome The Odds

Here is a link to Part 1: Dreams

Lesson 2: Overcome The Odds

“Do not initially engage a competitor unless you are prepared.” Sun Tzu, Art of War

Why are we so pure/good in practice, but not in competition?

Before a big competition, it is important to eliminate the mind clutter, worry, and create a clear frame of mind.

If you practice anything long enough, it becomes automatic.

All performance tasks have some anxiety.

Anxiety is not something we should fear

  • we must embrace
  • mild to moderate anxiety is optimal for peak performance
Are you trained or untrained?
You must ask yourself:
  • How can I prepare?
  • How can I prepare to be better?
  • Who knows more than I do, and how can I learn from them?
Knowledge is power, and preparation gives us a greater knowledge on how we will react in battle.
Preparation is the fundamental building block for maximizing performance and getting in the Zone.

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Coffeechug Notes: Finding Your Zone by Dr. Lardon, Part 1: Dreams

Finding Your Zone – Dr. Michael Lardon

I am going through all my notepads of notes and converting them into a cohesive and organized platform. This series of notes will be based off this book that I read a while back and now am just getting my ideas and notes written down and organized. Enjoy

Lesson One: Dreams

“I dream of the dragonfly who dreams of me.”

1. Suggest that you can dream of anything i.e. goal, new reality, etc. and you give it life
2. Suggests we are not separate from the world.

Everything we do – even dream – helps shape the life we live.

Give yourself a nighttime suggestion and write down what you learned in the morning.

We need to be conscious of our own dreams. Our culture of cell phones and constant distractions lead us to forget the powerful strength.

“Never surrender to self doubt”

You have to have self and belief in your dreams to make yourself a zone-like competitor/champion.

Simple Task – take a moment before bed to think of a question or situation to dream about and record the dream in the morning.

Dreams provide the potential energy to make our realities transform into something greater.

Steps/Goals to Record Dreams

  • First goal to remember one dream every night
  • Prime yourself each night to dream about something in particular
  • Record your daydreams
Wonder if we create the dream, or if the dream creates us?

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5th Grade ELP Interest Inventory

Last week I shared the results from the interest inventory of my 4th grade class.

Today I wanted to share the results from my 5th grade class.

Much like I stated with the 4th graders I am impressed by what they want to learn. The challenge is to make it all work.

 Extended Learning Program

Student Interest Inventory

Grade 5 — 2012-2013

Grade 5 ELP Students 

Eagle Eye to the World

10—Field Trip to Alcoa Eagle Nest / Cam


 7—Young / Life Cycle

 4—Legends / History

 3—Prey / Hunting

 2—Eagles Around the World

Student Interest Areas


10—Quail Cam

 9—Global Contacts

 8—Egg Drop

 8—Frog Dissection


 6—Outdoor Activities / Animals

 5—Global Pen Pals

 5—Architecture / Bridge Building

 5—Lego / Robotics

 5—Chemistry / Forensic Science

 5—Sumdog / Math Explorations

 4—Astronomy / Solar System / Outer Space



 3—Author Visit

 2—Field Trips / Sports / Plants

 1—Origami / Natural Disasters / WWI & II / Weather / Olympics / Cars / Indians&Legends

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Why I Love Teaching – 4th Grade Interest Inventory

This week in ELP we began to investigate what our students are interested in studying for the year. We follow a model in which we try to match our projects, units, and curriculum to their passion and interests. We have 16 4th grade students from our 6 elementary buildings in our class. We gave them a piece of paper in which they had to write down two things.

1. Interests about Bald Eagles(this is our theme for the year)
2. Student interest,hobbies, things they want to study that does not pertain to eagles(at least in their mind)

We gave them most of the class. During this time we talked about prior projects, potential projects, and some ideas we have as teachers. They asked lots of questions and their gears just turned and turned.

Here is the list of topics they came up with in about 20 minutes or so of brainstorming.

4th Grade ELP Interest Inventory


Body Parts – beak II, eyes IIII, feathers II, wings II, talons,
Nest II
Hunting III
Eagle Poster
Flight IIII
Eagle Website
Eaglets II

Student Interest

Skype Math IIII (4)
Penpals IIIIIIIII (9)
Lego Robotics II (2)
Owl Pellets IIIIIIIIIII (11)
Architecture II (2)
Study Cows
Mystery Skype IIIIIIIIII (10)
Goose Poop Study IIIIII (6)
Quail Camera IIIIII (6)
Animals III- pandas, bunnies, dogs II, monarchs IIIII, dolphins II, flamingos, komodo dragons, lions, gila monsters, aardvarks, platypus, cobras
Plays II (2)
Candy Factories
Animation – claymation IIIIIIIII (9)
lightwire II (2)
Eco-Meet IIIIIIIII (9)
Outer Space, Universe II (2)
Theory of Relativity
Safety Case for Chips(makes think of Pringle Challenge)
Egg Drop IIIIIII (7)
Website Creation
Geode Hunting IIII (4)
Greek Alphabet
Dissection IIIII (5)
Aerial Engineering II (2)
Electrical Engineering
Bettendorf Mansion IIII (4)
Language and Culture
Underwater/Ocean III (3)
Shark attacks 1916
Drawing II (2)
Secret Passages

Look at the wide array of topics. Look how awesome these ideas are to investigate further. The downside is that we don’t have enough time to cover them all, but we will try our best. It is now time to craft some projects and units based around their interests and see what we can develop. I love this time of year. It keeps me fresh as a teacher. These students force to push myself out of my personal comfort zone to meet their needs.

We had a great first week together. I look forward to a fantastic year.

This is why I love teaching. The passion for learning from my students only fuels my passion to teach.

5th grade list will be coming over the weekend.

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