Coffeechug Listography: I need to explore these, have you?

I am continuing to sort my notepads and eliminate all these massive volumes of pages of notes that I scribbled on tons of notepads. This post is based on two pages of lists of things I told myself to check out. I have not checked them out yet, but before I lose these notes I am typing them up.

If you any an recommendations or have used/heard/read about these please let me know.

1. Minecraft Project for Schools
2. Sekai Camera
6. socialbro
7. bufferapp
10.Robert Miller
12. Calm Counter/ Noise Dial
15. Nearpod
16. Monday Trick Shot
17. Move strawberry in water with mind
18. DOINK/EDCanvas
19. Amy Unell
20. Augment Reality Apps
21. Too Big Too Know – Weinberger
22. Teecino – I have used these products and they are AWESOME!
23. Lego Poetry
24. MJ Failure video
25. Star Wars Snowflakes
26. Lego Brick Race
27. Lego Brickshow
28. Teachem – free online teaching platform


40% of our actions are not based on decisions, but habits.

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Cleaning up my Gmail Account – Part 1

As I finally go through and attempt to clean up all my emails I decided to go ahead and share some things that had saved. Most of these come from emails I sent myself from browsing the internet or from Twitter.

1. Nice Collection Of Google Templates For Student Projects:
2. Why students should create content: #edtech
3.CSI Web Adventures – Lessons in Forensic Science:
4. How to Broadcast a Live PowerPoint 2010 Presentation – Free –
5. Immerse your learners in an alternate reality. Today’s great tip from @bbetts
6. Latest Find: I want my five hours back: the case against homework
8. Top 50 mLearning (Mobile Learning) Resources
9. 10 Reasons to Have Students Submit Papers Using Google Docs
10. Email to myself
Your friend aaron suggests that you view this presentation.

“I think you will find this presentation useful.” 

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My Favorite Blogs of the Year

I thought that it would be nice for me to share the blogs that I love. I follow over a hundred blogs that I check in on a pretty much daily basis. Of the hundreds that I follow some are new, some are ones that I have followed when I first started blogging, and others are just ones that I hate to disconnect even though I don’t always read because right when I am ready to pull the plug they post something great. I have dropped many blogs as my changes in reading material has shifted over time. With all that being said here are the ones that I follow religiously and anxiously await for their next post.

If you don’t follow any of these, then I suggest you take a look and consider doing so.

1. Bookshelves of Doom – this one is fantastic. Great insight and the sarcastic tones of many of the posts is exactly what I need to get through my days when I have too much to do and don’t know where to start. This blog also keeps up on the latest buzz in the YA world and many times I find things out here first.

2. Mind Salad – a blog of a student in my school. She is not only extremely gifted with her writing skills, but a great person. She knocked out NanaWrimo and is just a very cool person to get to know. Check out her blog and be amazed by the wonders of a middle school student. To anyone who doubts great things from this generation should have no doubts after discovering this blog.

3. Words for Teens – I recently came across this blog and love it. I find myself reading it almost everyday since I started following about a month ago. Great reviews and book news.

4. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer – This is another great blog. The thing I like about this blog is that it gives me a perspective away from my own. It provides me with books that I typically would not read on my own, but after coming across books from this blog I always know that trying something new from this blog will turn out ok.

5. Library Lounge Lizard – A long time fan of this blog. A perfect place to go to find that next great read.

6. The Book Swarm – I just recently started to follow this blog and this one is quickly becoming one of my favorites. No more to be said. Just check it out and find some good book suggestions.

7. The Life and Lies of Inanimate Flying Objects – Another blog that I came across a year or so ago and still love to check out. Haley also frequents my blog and leaves comments.

8. YA Books Central Blog – Another great blog that I just started following about a month ago. Quickly becoming one of my favorites as well.

I follow about 40 more blogs that are all excellent and hence the reason I follow them. I just wanted to highlight my current favorites. What are your favorite blogs? Leave a suggestion for me to check out. There are so many great ones and it is hard to always find them on my own.

**There is another great blog that is not book related, but random rants from a friend who wishes to stay hidden among the ranks. However, I wanted her to know that I love the blog.**

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My Favorite 20 Reads of 2010: What are yours?

I am not sure I will be getting to 100 books by the end of the year, but I think 96 books is pretty good considering how busy I am with teaching, two kids, lego robotics, and coaching.

I went through the list the last couple days and here are my top 20 books that I read this year. You can see my previous post that has all the books read, but here are my favorites.

These are not in ranked order

  • Matched by Ally Condie
  • Reckless by Cornelia Funke
  • Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham
  • Magnificent 12: The Call by Michael Grant
  • Clone Codes by The McKissacks
  • Rise of Darkling by Paul Crilley
  • Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman
  • Still Missing by Chevy Stevens(not YA)
  • Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green
  • Twenty Dollar Bill by Elmore Hammes
  • Merger by Jacquely Wheeler
  • Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz
  • Framed by Malcome Rose
  • Eating Animals by Jonathon Foer
  • Notes Left Behind by Brooke Desserich
  • Salt by Maurice Gee
  • Lockdown by Alexander Smith
If I had time I would go through and explain why each was chosen, but I don’t have time. This is the busiest winter break I have ever had. Read them or check them out on Amazon to see if they appeal to you.
Have you read any of these? Did you like them? I had one book suggestion from my previous post asking what you read that I have missed. Leave me some titles of books that I should read. I just put 20 some books on hold yesterday as I went through my massive pile of post it notes with scribbles of websites, book titles and other things. I am winter cleaning so I reserved the books and eliminated the piles.
What is your list of top reads? Leave a link if you have them posted on a blog or leave them in the comments. We only have a few days left to share our 2010 lists before the year is over.
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Tuesday Listography Challenge

A new series that I plan on incorporating to the blog this year. I will provide you a topic and you are to come up with your own answers to the topic by creating a list. This will hopefully lead some of you to finding something new to enjoy.

List Topic #1: What are some of the best movies you watched this summer?

Here is my list and I will tell you upfront that it is not too exciting. I just don’t have time to watch movies anymore and when I do they are titles like the following:

1. Despicable Me

2. Shrek 3D
3. Toy Story 3 in 3D
4. Princess and the Frog
5. Deep Sea 3D at the IMAX

Go ahead and post your list in the comments section below. Maybe it will motivate me to watch something one of these weekends.

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