3 Ideas on How NOT To Present Great Ideas #coffeechugPLN

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Be a novelty and stand out like a quail in your backyard!

This post has been a long time coming. I am not here to offend anyone, but this is something that I need to share and get off my chest.

It is something that has bothered me for quite some time.


Let me explain some of my observations from conferences and speakers I have sat through lately.

1. Slides

  • Declutter – you don’t need 35 items on a slide. It is too much to take in at once and audience cannot process it all.
  • Too many words – we have heard this for years and yet so many still cram their slides with words, sentences, and paragraphs. If you want to share a paper, then share the paper. Don’t write it up on slides.
  • Clip art – the time has come to stop using generic clip art. With so many great resources for enhanced images, stock photos, and editing tools there is no need to use these old school clip art images that are nothing but a slap in the face to the audience.
2. Presentation
  • Know your content – If all you are doing is reading off your slides, then simply sit down, hand out a copy of the slides, and let us read it on our own. Don’t waste our time. We can read on our own.
  • Read your research paper/script – I would rather have a speaker falter by trying to engage than simply reading a script. I want to connect and hear stories. I don’t want to be read to. We don’t allow this from our students, so why do we do it?
  • Let us see your slides – Please don’t stand in front of the projector and block your slides or presentation. Enough said.
  • Know your room – if you are a keynote, please don’t apologize for blurry images or having a hard time seeing the images. If you know you are speaking to a large room, then adjust slides accordingly. Less is more and bigger is better.
3. Overall
  • If you are passionate about your topic, then why would you choose to bore us to death? If you are going to speak on the topic of creativity, then develop a creative platform. Don’t just speak in a monotone voice with monotone slides. We are marketer so celebrate your ideas. Obviously, you have chosen to speak so you want to get the word out. So deliver!
  • Reflect and change – I am far from perfect, but after every presentation I reflect and make necessary changes. Don’t use the same exact presentation over and over. We have constantly change, adapt, and modify as you continue to learn and grow as a person.
Alright, I feel much better getting this off my chest. If you have other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions please leave a comment. I would love to take this further and hear from you.
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Finding Balance in Life and Triathlon Training, Week 8 Totals, Week 9 Plan

I was able to get back on track after losing some momentum during week 7. I had a great week of workouts and the key this week was finding time during a busy schedule. My family makes some sacrifices for me to train. I do my best to train while they are sleeping, but at the end of the week there is still overlap of things that need to get done. The key is balance.  I started reading Zendurance again from the beginning after taking a break from it due to distractions with some other reading materials. One passage that I had marked the first time that stood out to me was

“With both our hears and our minds, we must remember that we have to be healthy, whole, and balanced human beings before we can be athletes.”

This is a powerful statement. Really, it states the obvious that we cannot neglect our duties as human, father, husband, teacher, coach, etc. Without taking care of the other important elements in life we cannot lead a life that creates and promotes a healthy athlete. My wife does so much that we all would be lost in our family without her. I think she gets tired of talking about training and basketball, but she is always there to listen even on the days when she could care less.

This statement also reminds of a scenario this weekend. I took Addy to her gymnastics and while sitting there I pulled out my phone like every other adult. After about 5 minutes I stopped and asked, “Is what is going on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest really more important than my daughter?” I stopped, put my phone away, stood up and just watched her the rest of the time. Let me tell you I had a blast watching her bounce around trying to learn all the new techniques and doing her best to catch up with the other girls(she just started and is behind compared to the girls who have done this for a while). There is nothing more special and powerful than watching her do a move and then checking to see if I was watching and then just smiling ear to ear to know I was focused on her.

I always blog about my training, but I think it is just as important for me to show the balances in my life as well. I should be able to explain the balance in my life in the same great detail as my training. This week I plan on thinking about my life balance with each post and if I feel like I cannot discuss the other aspects of my life in the same clarity, then I know I need to realign my priorities. This is my week 9 challenge – Align my life balance and make sure the scales do not get too far out of being in sync.

Looking back at last week here is my breakdown stats

Week 8 Totals: 9 Workouts

Bike Total: 81.12 miles
Run Total: 29.06 miles
Swim Total: 3.58 miles
Total Miles: 113.76

Training Totals Weeks 1-8

Bike Total: 477.53 miles
Run Total: 163.87 miles
Swim Total: 23.73 miles
Total Miles: 665.13 miles

Here is my training plan for Week 9

Week 9 Plan

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Goals, Focus, Life, and Echoes

I read.

I read quite a bit.

I have not been reading novels or YA lately(this is about to change with the new book by John Green), but more non fiction reading about mental aspects of training, life, and simplicity. I am working hard at staying patient, peaceful, and goal oriented.

I am off to a good start this year(17 days down). Through my reading of the 8+ books I keep bouncing back and forth through I cannot but take time to reflect on some key ideas that resonate with me.

“Individual does not exist for society. Society exists for individual.”

This quote seems odd at first. I have been asked a few times why I take the time to train, why would I run in the snow and wind, how do I find time to ride a bike, etc. I look at my training as personal fulfillment. I have a goal that I would like to attain. I want to challenge my body and more importantly my mind. I have to be careful to keep my family first and foremost, but this is something that helps keep me centered and healthy.

This quote reminds me that we don’t always have to follow “society”. We can be our own individual. If society was insane would you still follow society if it was considered normal? How often do we follow along simply because we think it is “normal”? I am to a point that I don’t want to be “normal”. I want to be above that. I want to carve my own path.

I saw this quote on Pinterest that reminded me that I don’t want to be “normal”. I want to leave a message. A legacy. Something that my kids and wife will be proud of if one day I no longer exist(I do hope to live forever or at least to 100).

As I work on being something beyond “normal” and work on peace and patience I often remember one of the phrases from one of the books that discusses how the world is an echoing place. If you throw anger, then you get anger. I want to throw out positive vibes, and receive them in return.

This all sounds pretty general and not very specific. My focus has a goal. A goal that I can control. The main goal is to complete 70.3 Ironman in Racine, WI. Lately I have been getting wrapped up in some very small details that just don’t really matter. What matters is getting back to the basics where I push myself to the limits and just enjoy the process. There is a lot of time committed for one 5-6 hour race. I need to remind myself that the journey to Racine is more important than the actual event.

As I continue my training, decluttering my life, and finding time to be with my kids I need to continue to work on not getting angry and frustrated.

Muddy water will turn clear if if left alone. Mind will also clear if allowed to be still. Running and biking allow me to help clear my mind. I look forward to seeing and feeling where this journey takes me along with the other many adventures life throws my way.

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Thank You John Green – My Nerdy Superhero and Mentor

How I love John Green!

My favorite author. Period. Of all genres.

This weekend I received my signed copy of his latest novel, The Fault In Our Stars.

John Green Autographed Book

And yes I have started reading it. Reading it slowly. Digesting all the witty dialogue and writing elements that John incorporates into his writing.

I have many places bookmarked as favorite passages, quotes, one liners, etc.

The best part of this book?

His autograph

John Green Autograph

Thank you John Green for your autograph, your splendid YouTube videos, and your books. After a long hiatus from YA novels you have brought me back in the genre. A book review will be later this week. So far I am loving this novel.

Maybe one day I can convince him to offer up a dialogue via YouTube between him and me. That would be the ultimate of all ultimates. This has me thinking that it is about time to bring back the Coffeechug videos. Let the gears start to turn……

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"Ah, paradox! That which appears most simple can be most difficult."

The title of this post is a sentence from the book, Zendurance, that I have just started reading. I am only about 10 pages in so far, but this post is not about this book.

This post is about that title and that sentence. That sentence that has come to my attention three times in less than 24 hours.

How something that is “simple” can be so difficult. How to apply the idea of simplicity into my life.

Have you ever had that moment or feeling that someone or something or some essence is trying to reach out to you? No, I am not on drugs, but weird things have happened all week to me.

To better explain let me share with you three things that happened in one day that all pertains to

“Ah, paradox! That which appears most simple can be most difficult.”
1. Yesterday morning during TA we had Wellness Wednesday. This is designed for us to workon physical, mental, emotional, etc. type wellness with our students. The last few weeks we have worked on physical wellness doing pushups, planks, crunches, jumping jacks, etc. The students who are in 7th grade love to complain. They are at that age that no matter what you do or offer they will complain. They just want to sit at a computer and play games. They were tired of the workouts and always said they wanted to do nothing. I thought “perfect!” we will do just that. I am one who loves mental training, brain research, and clearing of the mind. I had the students lay on the ground and close their eyes. I gave a them a few minutes to get comfortable and use to this. I then challenged them to sit perfectly still in silence for 5 minutes trying to clear the mind of any thoughts.
Do you know what happened?
Not a single student could do it. So simple in theory. Don’t move, don’t talk, don’t think. They fidgeted like crazy. Some had to talk, some had to “SHHHH!” the ones that talked. Some tried to make an escape when I laid down to join. They failed miserably. After 5 minutes we stopped and talked about it. They complained. So we went back to push ups and crunches.
We are going to work on this silence and clearning of the mind. Next we will go for 6 minutes. What I found interesting is that they were not able to do nothing. They are in a culture where they must check their phones, their Facebook, their text messages, the computer, the tv, the videogame, listen to their parents, coaches, mentors, go to this practice, then this practice, scarf down dinner while their brother/sister is at that practice. Gone are the days of simplicity where we just sat down at a dinner table as family and talked. Gone are the days of boredom where kids had to look boredom in the eyes, use their imganation and entertain themselves.
2.After TA I had to record a lesson for a fellow teacher for one of his grad classes. He was teaching how to use the pottery wheel. First, let me say it was one captivating lesson(no sarcasm here). It was awesome to record. Anyways, he said there was four steps to making pottery on the wheel. Each step was very simple, but that does not mean it is easy. There was the message again all within 20 minutes of one another. As I recorded his lesson I kept thinking back to my TA and how they struggled. I find it interesting that his lesson captured the essence of my 5 minutes of silence.
3. During a small break from the work of school I started to read Zendurance to clear my mind after coming back to tons of emails and work after being absent for two days with sick kids. Zendurance had that sentence posted and I about fell out of my chair.
Why 3 messages about the same thing in a matter of a few hours? Was it random or was it a sign? I am taking it as a sign because what are the odds of these three things all coming together in one day, let alone a few hours.
The question I am stuck swirling in my head is – What does it mean for me?
I have pondered. I have analyzed. I have broken down different aspects of my life to see where it fits.
-I am trying to declutter my life one step at a time and maybe this connects here about how hard it is to truly declutter and eliminate things we don’t really need.
-My training schedule is hectic while coaching basketball, Lego Robotics, and family time. Perhaps I need to rethink how I am doing things here?
-On a more technical note, as I train I am getting more and more detailed in everything I do. This is just who I am. Perhaps I should just relax, push my body to the limits when it is ready and not worry about any sort of plan. I get caught up in time, seconds, distance, form, technique, nutrition, sleep, water, etc. It consumes me. That is how I operate. I get involved in something and dive headfirst until I complete my goal or crash and burn trying.
-Maybe I am missing something “Big Picture”?
It is driving me crazy.
Perhaps the answer is so simple that it is difficult to find. Ah, the paradox!

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GETTING IT DONE – Thoughts From COFFEECHUG for the month of January

Something I would like to start this year on my blog is to post some monthly thoughts/topics for me and hopefully you to reflect upon each month. If I ever get to a point of having more ideas than needed for one post then maybe I can make it bi-monthly, but for now it will appear once a month.

To kickstart the year off right I am come up with some things that I plan on using throughout the month to keep me going.

We all know January is a start to a new year. Many people talk about resolutions, but resolutions are just wishful thinking. You need to create goals. Goals allow you to put together an action plan to accomplish something specific. I have blogged so much about goals in my GETTING IT DONE! series and you can read more by searching the tag GETTING IT DONE!

This month I want you to think more than just yourself. Think worldly. How can you actions affect others? In order to think big picture sometimes we have to reflect on ourselves. I start each morning making a goal or two to accomplish each day, give thanks for things that are good, and say a few prayers for those that need a little extra something. I think this is a great month to reflect on how our actions, behaviors, emotions, word choice, etc. affect everyone around you. Thinking big picture we are starting a new lap around a star. That is big picture. We forget we are just a small item on a big planet that simply spins around and around a star.

This is the time to welcome surprises. We cannot predict the future so there is no need to try or worry about the future. Just take care of the “right now” or present to get yourself in a situation where the future will take care of itself. A great quote from Gathering of Days: A New England Girl’s Journal says, “You never know when something begins or where it’s going to take you.”

As you start to think big picture reflect on the past year. Ask yourself what worked well for you last year and begin to brew those thoughts and actions in a nice cup of coffee. Take each thought and action, imagine them as a coffee bean, grind them all together, and sip that delicious cup of coffee to celebrate the things that work. Take that cup of coffee to this year and continue to refill your life with those coffee beans, enjoy the flavor, and when you run empty, fill another grinder with new beans that work this year.

When you start a new goal or new year it is like smelling coffee brewing in the coffee pot. You have put in the foundation to allow the smell to take affect. You have not yet sipped the coffee as that is your action plan to get to that point to actually reap the benefits of a nice cup of coffee(goal). Create plan, outline your actions, and make yourself meet those goals.

Another thing to do in the month of January is to decrease/release something in your life and increase something else. For me, I have decreasing the bad food and drink that don’t serve me well and increasing my training to better overall wellness. Not easy my friend, but I know I will reap the rewards down the road when it becomes habit.

Self control and discipline are the two main focal points that you should really focus on this month as you start your new action plan for your goals. Hold yourself accountable. Move your thoughts from DESIRE to ACTION. Realize that you cannot do it alone. Bring in others to help you out. Find sources of inspiration. Find someone to help you on your journey to achieving your goal. Recruit others to take on the same goal. Remember that self control and discipline apply to all aspects of life and not just your goals. You have self control and discipline. Think about how many times you apply these actions in your daily life. We are all capable of great things. Believe it.

Don’t forget that as you work hard to achieve your new goals and habits that you leave room to be kind to yourself. Take a moment and ask yourself what are some ways to be kind for yourself. Carve that time in your schedule to be kind. Being kind to ourselves allows us to be kind to others.

Lastly, as you get things off to a great start this month of January never lose sights of where you want to be. Have a vision. Constantly visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. Perception is everything. An Indian saying states, “A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.”

Don’t compare yourself to others. Rather compare yourself to where you were. As I look back to where I was two years ago when I started running I could barely run 30 minutes. Now I am so much more. I cannot compare myself to others. I remind myself of this every single time I am in the pool and I struggle. One day I will swim more efficiently than the others around me. One day at a time.

GETTING IT DONE! in January is in full effect.

I appreciate any thoughts, ideas, questions, comments.

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What Is In Store For Coffeechug in 2012?

I always find it crazy and somewhat ridiculous some of the goals people set for themselves each year. I am a goal setter for sure so I don’t hate on the idea of setting goals, but I cannot stand some of the goals people set. Some are too vague, too unrealistic, too stupid, and sometimes just not practical. Many have the best intentions, but they are missing the boat to success by their perception of what they want. They try to transform too much too fast and end up with undesirable results. I read somewhere that 90% of the goals people set for themselves each year end up in failure. Why do we do that to ourselves? Do we not know ourselves enough or are we simple not tough enough?

For example, a goal of wanting to lose say 30lbs. A bad goal? Not necessarily, but what happens when the person reaches 30 lbs? Do they keep losing and losing until it is unhealthy? Do they celebrate by putting all the weight back on and then some? What a person should do is not set a lb goal, but change the structure of their goal. By changing the phrase of the goal to something more like, “I would like to exercise up to 5 times a week” would lead to a change not only in weight, but also in habits. As you continue to exercise and reap the benefits, the eating starts to change to healthy habits, the mindset starts to reform, and next thing you know your weight is going down properly and things start to fall into place like proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, etc.

I know that not everyone works the same way and for some setting a specific goal might be the best approach. Ask yourself if that approach has worked in the past. If you answer no, then it is time to rethink your goal.

In 2012 I have a few specific goals and notice how none pertain to weight or body image, but these things have happened for me due to my goal setting. I have lost about 20 lbs in the last year by doing things the right way. Losing weight was not a goal, but in my training process I have eliminated some body fat that needed to go by process of elimination. Here are my big three performance goals.

Goal #1: Complete my first triathlon
Goal #2: Conquer my first half Ironman(70.3 miles)
Goal #3: Beat my Bix 7 time from 2011
Goal #4: Beat my 2011 training total of 1500 miles
Gaol #5: A PR in the half marathon

For some personal goals that I plan on working on throughout the year.

Personal Goal #1: Continue my plan of decluttering my life. I read somewhere among all my Tao readings that the less you have/own the less stress you have in your life to clean, organize, utilize, etc. This makes so much sense. We stress about our house being messy. Well if I just eliminated half the crap I own, then it would not be an issue. I have started this process in 2011 and will continue the approach. This applies to my email accounts and computer storage as well.

Personal Goal #2: Saying no to people. There are several times each year that I just have too much on my plate. It never ceases to fail that I say yes to all of these things and then BOOM! it all hits me at once. I have done a much better job of thinking of me and my family first. I will continue to do so and try to be even better at it this mindset.

Personal Goal #3: Staying calm. I am very laid back, but things build up and I just blow up. I have been reading a lot about Tao and the simplicity in life. I hope to continue to use these concepts in my daily life to stay calm and collective. For example, this winter break I don’t think I have lost my cool once despite being home for over a week with three kids who have been stuck at home day after day due to illness.

Personal Goal #4: Write my first book. I have put this stupid goal of mine on hold. I have the idea. I have the stuff. I need to put it all together and get it done. This is the year. Do it Coffeechug!!

Last here are just some everyday things that I plan on focusing on that are not really goals, but things I am going to try and work on a daily basis.

– Learn better ways of eating/replenishing my body for longer endurance training. I need to venture out and try some new methods to see what works best. This will be the first year that I spent a lot of time training for extended periods of time beyond an hour. I need to find my preferred system that does not make me puke, poop my pants, or have to pee all the time.

– Continue to drink more water. I do great while at school when I have no choice but my water bottles. However, at home I don’t drink enough.

– Work on my hatred of toes. I hate toes, mayo, and hair. My poor wife just wants a poor foot rub every once in a while, but due to how much I hate feet it will never happen. Feet are so disgusting. Yuck. Socks and shoes are a great invention to hide such hideous appendages to the human body.

There it is, a small dose and list of things that are on my mind as I start the new year. All are achievable, trackable, and will allow me to push myself outside of my comfort while not burning myself out. 

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Coffeechug 2011 Year In Review In Numbers

I know everyone is doing it, but I cannot resist and must take a look back at my year to reflect on all the amazing things that have happened the past 365 days. Take a glance and hope you enjoy. Needless to say I think I accomplished my mantra of GETTING IT DONE! I did not include any education/teacher goals as I feel that is just part of my job of constantly staying ahead of the game and keeping education interesting.

Lastly, none of this would ever be able to happen if it was not for my amazing wife and kids. They are so supportive in all my adventures that I tackle. My wife supports what I do both in training and in my geek world and without her support it would not happen. I only hope that I am good role model for my kids. Speaking of kids……

It is hard to believe that this year we brought Ava into the world. I cannot remember life without her. It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital and now she is up and crawling and pulling herself up in her crib and eating real food 8 months later. Aiden is now 7 years old today on 12.31.11 in first grade and becoming bigger, smarter, and cooler each day. Addy is 5 years old and continues to bring us the unexpected each day.

Training – I had an amazing year of training. I went from starting out running in 2010 completing my first Bix, half marathon, and Urbanathlon completing about 425 total miles. I thought that was amazing in itself. This year 2011 brought a greater focus and renewed sense of training, enjoyment, and pushing myself. I am currently in the early stages of training for my first triathlon and half Ironman, but in the meantime here is the breakdown of my training for 2011.

1 – week of training over 100 miles. That just so happened to be this week in which I put in a great week of training with 114 miles. What better week than the last week of the year?

1500 – miles of training I put in 2011. Mind blowing. considering I had only 425 in 2010 this is a huge improvement. You can see with my training load towards the end of the year I am in process of having another breakout year in 2012.

2011 Training Totals
6 – The number of races I completed this year
5 – Pairs of shoes I went through. Kinvara 2 light shoes only have 75 miles on them as they are not designed for big people like me. I fell in love with Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes and am currently on my third pair.
1090 – miles of running completed this year in 2011. This is amazing considering my slow start to the year. I never dreamed this possible. Amazing to look at the graph and see what I am capable of doing when I put my mind to it. It is all mental.
Run Totals for 2011

391 – Miles on the Bike in 2011 – Not bad considering I just got a bike a few months ago and just started riding regularly about 4 weeks ago. I cannot wait to see how this develops in 2012
Bike Totals for 2011

17 – Miles of Swimming – Once again not too bad as I just started with swimming about 4 weeks ago. I have a long way to go and only hope to improve in 2012
Swim Totals for 2011


I have made more things online that I care to admit. Some have taken a backseat, but others are in full force. I am in love with Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/coffeechugbooks/

All my online goodies are located here: http://about.me/coffeechug

I have been testing out many avenues and gathering all sorts of things this year to finally begin my book about my life mantra of GETTING IT DONE(2012 goal)

I love me some Twitter. It is nerd paradise for the ADHD. I continue to load up my gmail account with tweets that love. I started small and still have a small following, but I am happy to be around 375 followers. I hope to be around 500 by the end of next year. It is all about the tweets baby.

Books of 2011
I read and reviewed 85 books this year. I was hoping for 100, but my reading tempo slowed down quite a bit the last few months with my training. I just cannot stay awake past 9:00 to read. I did actually read 87 books, but have not written up reviews for them so I will keep my number at 85 books

Blog Stats – I started this blog May of 2009. I only had a few posts as I was experimenting. I really started to blog in August of 2009 with the start of a new school year. It rough and a completely different blog as it was more classroom focused and then merging to book reviews, and then just constantly changing from that point on. I have had a total of 102,000 visitors since August 2009. My audience has changed quite a bit, but I have made some good progress as I now average between 5000 – 8000 visitors a month. I hope to make this improved to 7000 – 10,000 visitors in 2012. I must become a better writer.

Here are my all time posts. You can see that many of my top posts are actually from 2011 which I take as a sign that I am improving on my blogging skills. I still don’t know why Alex Trebek is so popular. I made one nerdy post about the man and now my blog appears on the first page of a Google search for Alex Trebek.

Aug 14, 2010
6,475 Pageviews
May 25, 2011   
1,615 Pageviews
Dec 8, 2009
 1,030 Pageviews
Oct 28, 2009
578 Pageviews
May 14, 2011, 2 comments
548 Pageviews
Mar 24, 2010, 3 comments
402 Pageviews
Apr 26, 2011, 1 comment
297 Pageviews
Here are my top pages on my blog. This can be somewhat misconstrued as I am constantly changing my pages on my blog depending on what contest, challenge, or current thing I am working on. However, the Board of Inspiration has really taken off this year.
Dec 15, 2010
1,211 Pageviews
Feb 15, 2010
752 Pageviews
Dec 20, 2011
580 Pageviews

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Soul Train Line Dance Updated Information

The following video will provide you with some more information about the School Wide Soul Train Line Dance. Check it out and watch links down below to see how the line dance will operate. We will be doing the same concept except in our hallways with our own music.

Here are some examples of the real Soul Train Line Dance. Practice some moves, watch how the lines on the sides are grooving. Watch these to get a feel for how ours will operate. I know some of you don’t want to dance, but I simply ask why not? This will be something when you are older that you will glad you took part in. Trust me on this one.


Get your buddies in TA together and get yourselves ready to break it down people.

Lastly, here is link for the Cosby Show Season 2 Theme that I will be working on making by myself to post next week

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Happy Monday

Welcome back to school everyone! Yahoo for school and Yahoo for me says Adam Sandler. I have many posts over Spring Break(the last week for those who don’t have this luxury) so be sure to back read if you have been missing out. I want everyone to be thinking about a little booty shaking. Yes, I am preparing the masses of my school to get ready for our very own Soul Train Line Dancing. I am also opening the invitation to anyone else who wants to participate. With the internet all you have to do is make a video and email or post on YouTube for me to have access. I will be making a compilation video that is sure to be the coolest of cool. In the meantime while I work out the details, rules, and locations, you can check out my video to get you ready. I know I have no moves, but who cares right?

The 10 most addictive sounds!!:


A very unusual way to sell jeans or, well, do ANYTHING, but Wrangler’s flash site let’s you play with the model by throwing him off chairs and flinging him across the room (or make him break dance). It’s actually very fun – you do have to, er, unzip him but it’s nowhere near NSFW. Go wild!

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