Raspberry Pi + GoPiGo = Awesome Learning

I am making an invested interest in myself as an educator to push my comfort levels of learning. With this challenge to improve my skills in robot building, coding, and engineering I have been working hard the last few weeks on a variety of projects, tools, and devices.

One of most recent projects has been working with Raspberry Pi(one of my favorite pieces of tech and learning) and mixing it with Dexter Industries GoPiGo mission series.

I  have been in heaven working through the missions, testing ideas out, and thinking about how it would all work in a class of 30 students or as an after school club.

For those that don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is basically a small single board computer that students and adults alike can code and build their brains out to do just about everything. Dexter Industries is a company that builds out robot kits to enhance ideas and projects with Raspberry Pi and LEGO and other projects. In this case I have been really enyoying and seeing some great value in their GoPiGo kit to enhance any classroom or after school club when it comes to coding, programming, and building a robot.

As opposed to reading a super long post that would go on forever, I have developed three videos. Each video is about one of the missions that comes with the GoPiGo. I encourage you to check them out and leave any feedback, questions, ideas, or other thoughts as I continue to explore and keep building up my awesome robot that now has a gremlin on it.

Missions 4 and 5 will be posted soon. My student group, BMS Theory, has now joined in the adventure and they are building their own so I a waiting for them to catch up. Be ready for some great videos soon!

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3


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