113 Days Remaining – Saturday Long Run with 11 Other Amazing People!!

I sent out an email last notice to the people that have joined the Live Uncommon Revolution and to the other CRAZIES that run with us on Tuesday and Thursday. I was not sure how many were going to show up. We made some arrangements to help out some of the runners who were not quite ready to run 15 miles by creating a meeting point at Credit Island. This would allow them to get a ride back to the start of the run at the Isle of Capri and therefore allow them to run with others and not have to run solo.

Around 5:40 we had Jane, Ben, Jen, Chad, and myself ready to depart to the starting point. I was pretty happy with just this turnout and knew there would be more waiting for us. When we arrived at the casino the parking lot was filling up with cars. We ended up with 12 runners ready to tackle a nice long 15 mile ride(John Byrne, I know this is just a warm up for you, but we don’t consider you normal :))

Around 6 am we started our run. I had complete intentions of running very slow this morning and taking things easy. Well, that did not quite happen.

You can see that we just kept picking up the pace. We were having great conversation and next you know we were cruising on our way to Credit Island. I felt good on the way out. Once we hit the island the pace picked up even more and were running sub 8:00 which is fast for me on a run of this length. We met up with everyone as my car for some water and Gatorade. While we took a quick rest to gather everyone and let some take a stop from running my legs started to tighten up quickly. My quads entered this run already tired from the bike ride late last night.

I thought we were going to lose more, but I think the power of the group sucked in a few to keep going. Ben decided to stay in for the long haul. His previous longest run ever was the Bix 7 mile course. That is it. We had that covered at the rest station. Ben smashed this run today. He finished up and he still looked fresh. Jane stuck around for a few more miles before calling it a day, but she has good reason to not go all out even though she is still running quite amazingly.

As we headed back I knew it was going to be mind over matter. My quads were dead at mile 10. I just had to fight through it. I knew my body was capable and it was a good test for me because I know on my race journey in Racine I am going to hit some walls for sure and this was a good little test to keep pushing. We had a group of six up front and Ben strategically bounced off the shoulders of Byrne to drop back as Chad was sucked into the Byrne Radar for conversation. The man is amazing. He just pushes and pushes and talks the whole time. Chad and John started to keep pushing ahead. Chad was giving me crap for running at a faster pace than we talked about and then BOOM he was off to the races on the way back. He is looking strong and is going to kill his PR at the half marathon this year. I think today he ran faster than he did in his half marathon race last year. Thank goodness Katie was around to provided me some much needed conversation to help as a distraction. That is one thing that all of us mention at different times is how important the camaraderie is on these runs. The conversations are amazing and not only help the time go by, but give us a chance to share wisdom, insights, knowledge, stories, etc. How often do people get to talk about ice sculptures, termites, race events, training strategies, weather, religion, and running stories all in about two hours? It is almost like living in the mind of Pennington(a teacher at BMS). That is what makes these group runs so special – the relationships that are formed.

Katie helped me hang on to a good pace to end the run hovering around 8:00 minute miles. It was a great run and even though I have ran farther, this felt like a victory in my mind. A victory in that I was able to push past the mental barriers. A victory in having many great conversations with great people. A victory in that 12 of us showed up and pushed ourselves no matter the pace we ran because who else was out at 6 am running? This is a great group of people. There is so much inspiration to be drawn from each one individually. This group and the Live Uncommon Revolution are well on their way to pushing past the barriers to do something special not only in our own personal training, but in helping others. I thank the 11 others who showed up to help me better myself this morning.

My legs are tired. They are sore, but it is a great feeling knowing that I am able to be part of something special.

I am off to a great rest of the day and to rest up before my long bike ride tomorrow. I am going to ride into Fulton, Illinois(my in-laws live there). This shall prove interesting!

I will post a picture once Byrne gets it up on his blog, but this morning we had the following leaders of inspiration: Chad, Ben, John B., John O, Phil, Jane, Jen, Katie, Emily, Anne, Josiah, and myself. Great job everyone!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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I have not checked my Live Uncommon Revolution page for quite sometime as I was getting frustrated by constantly seeing the $0 donation page. I need to do more. However, today I checked my page to find that I have 2 donations. This made me so happy!!!!

So Happy!

I decided to create another post to please consider donating to all the great causes that the LIVE UNCOMMON REVOLUTION is helping out this year. 7 Races = 7 Charities ranging from CASI(Senior Citizens) to breast cancer. You can view all the races and their charities by clicking here.

Not only am I participating in the races, but I am raising money for all the charities, causes, scholarships for students, etc. because I believe in them. I believe in helping others. I believe that the only way to help ourselves is to help others.


The link above will take you to my Live Uncommon page where you can make a donation. I can take money through check and/or cash as well if you are not comfortable donating online.

I view my fundraising like my training. I cannot do it alone. I need others to help keep me going during my training. I need your help in helping me support these causes. You probably either know someone affected by one of these causes or maybe it is even you yourself.

If you donate I will forever be happy like I am in this picture when I spent the day at school with Addy.

I am up for any challenge so if you have something in mind that you would like to dare/challenge me in exchange for a donation I would gladly consider it. I am all for having fun with this.
The one donation option that is not available that fits me is $70.3. I am in training for my first half Ironman of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 run. Feel free to donate that amount even though it is not listed.
Thanks for Phil and the anonymous donor for their donations. I was so excited to see these listed on my page. I look forward to many more.
Have a great weekend.
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Hodge Podge of Loose Ends

1. Here are the photos from our long 18 mile run yesterday at the Indiana Ave. Thanks John for posting these on your blog. 

indiana ave pic 2I 80 chicago des moines Amazing to see this many people rise early Saturday morning to run in 30 mph winds and the cold.

2. Yesterday we had family come over to watch the Duke – North Carolina game(was there even a game?). Prior to them coming I had about a 45 minute window to get in a short bike ride. I wanted to get a ride in to work out some lactic acid. Not sure if it helped or not, but I had a nice short ride. Pushed the cadence and gears a little with a slow recovery.

3. Woke up this morning with some very tired legs. I am surprisingly not sore, but my legs feel tired. I just need to wake them up a little. I have my big long ride to get in today as well as a swim clinic at Augustana and also basketball tonight at 8:00. This is a big day. I am going to have to be careful about how much I actually do. This is a critical day in my training in terms of getting my final ride in as this week ends my base building phase of my training. This is my biggest workout week in terms of mileage and distance. The training starts to slowly merge to more race specific training in terms of track workouts, race pace goals, etc. I need a good stretch as my lower legs feel tight.

4. If you don’t have Spotify for your computer you are missing out. How I love listening to about any type of music I want for free. I have so many playlists. If you are on Spotify let me know and we can swap playlists!

5. Speaking of music I cannot get enough of listening to Counting Crows at home, Metallica in my car and praying that today I get all the tickets I requested to see Dave Matthews Band this summer in Noblesville.

6. Make it a great day. Last day of the weekend so enjoy every minute of it!

7. Last, but not least if you have not made a donation to the Live Uncommon Revolution which is working hard on many levels but most importantly to reward scholarships to students and provide money to several charities you can do this by clicking here and in the process help me reach my goal. I am trying to conjure up something that people can donate $ by me accomplishing things while in Jamaica. If you have any ideas, then please let me know.

Here are some current thoughts

1. Donate $XX of money per mile I swim in the ocean or run on the beach
2. Jump off certain cliffs like the one @ Rick’s Cafe. This one makes me nervous.
3. Wear something strange on the beach…maybe Live Uncommon can make me a LU speedo(that would sure ruin the beach experience for people!)

Ok, that is all I have but if you have something good let me know. I am pretty up for anything that won’t get me killed or cost me a ton of money:)

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Live Uncommon Revolution: First Charity Race of the Year

Coming up very soon on St. Patrick’s Day is the CASI – Center for Active Seniors 5K on March 17 in Davenport, Iowa.

You can sign up for the race at their website

You can join the REVOLUTION and have the race be part of your training

More importantly you can donate to this great organization to help them out.

This is the first of seven races aligned with the Live Uncommon REVOLUTION. My goal is to help raise money that will go to charities aligned with each of the races. I would like to be able to help out CASI so if you are not participating in the race and would like to donate whatever you can to the cause and to also help me reach my goal I would think that you were super AWESOME!

If you would like to donate to  help CASI and to also help me reach my goal please go to the hyperlink above or here.

As each race draws near I will continue to highlight the charities and update my status in my fundraising. I am realizing that the fundraising is as hard as the training. Actually, getting up at 4:30 am to run 18 miles is easier than raising funds for the various charities. I am working hard on my training and my goals and would love any help you can provide to help me achieve my goal of $700.

Remember the Live Uncommon mantra: I AM

Be the REVOLUTION and help out others and also yourself.


Here is some info about CASI from their website(Read more about CASI here)

The Center for Active Seniors, Inc. (CASI) is a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art center located on Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa. Dedicated to serving seniors in the greater Quad Cities area, CASI boasts daily activities, classes, community forums, a fitness center and educational activities.

CASI has a professional staff dedicated to the advocacy of seniors and all issues facing our aging population.

Additionally, CASI operates the only adult day care facility in Eastern Iowa, serving seniors with early onset dementia, seniors with specific physical needs and seniors who enjoy a daily routine filled with physical and mental activities and social interaction. Jane’s Place also provides caregivers with much needed respite and allows caregivers to continue to work.

CASI’s Vision
CASI will be recognized by the community to be the premier resource center for persons over the age of sixty.

CASI’s Mission
To provide services that meet the needs of older adults, and fosters respect, dignity and quality of life.

CASI is proud to have area agencies located within our facility:

On-site nurse for blood pressure checks, foot clinics, reflexology and a variety of other care services. Some services require an appointment, please call 563.386.7477 for more information.

MVRBC supplies blood products to our community hospitals from their clinic located at CASI.  Scheduled and walk-in donors are welcomed.  Call 800-747-5401 for hours and more information.

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