1 Down, 65 More – Drawing inspiration from my son #coffeechugPLN

First day and first time in pads for Aiden.My son has helped me to jump start my brain and habits as he is doing something that I constantly preach – pushing comfort zones. He is trying out tackle football. He is young, but this is something that he wanted to pursue.

Last night was his first night with pads. I was nervous for him, but excited. After a rough start to practice the team started to adjust. Practicing in full gear is a game changer. He came to me during water break and told me the coaches were pushing him too hard. I told him that they were not because he was still accomplishing everything.

I was so proud of him last night. He is a nervous and anxious ridden kid who does not always believe in himself. When practice ended he had a smile that could not be taken away. He knew he just grew as a person and did something he did not think he could do. As a parent I so proud of him for sticking in there and doing a great job.

I wanted him to know that he is a source of motivation. As you may have noticed on this blog I have not posted much about training and exercise like I have done in the past. The reason being is that I have not exercised in a long time. I had some health issues this summer, but after several brain tests and scans they were not able to find anything and have released me to slowly begin to get back into exercise. Additionally, I was burned out and lost my motivation. This might be the first time I have admitted that despite my wife telling me this for quite some time. (Yes, she is right again!)

I told Aiden that watching him challenge himself ignited a desire to do the same for myself. I told him that I need to exercise and take care of my health as well. Today I started back.

The last time I had done any form of exercise was June 18th when I ran 4 miles. I honestly have not done anything at all since then mostly because my body was shutting down and preventing me from walking my daughter around the block.

I also knew it was time when I had to order larger pants for this school year and can barely fit into them now with a few pairs way too snug for public. This left me angry and defeated. It is hard to adjust when I know that I was pushing 150 miles of training a week and feeling great. It is a hard mental block to overcome.

Last night I realized I was neglecting my health by not exercising and eating poorly. What good am I as a father and leader when I don’t take care of myself. I was/am pouring myself so heavily into school, sharing my message of passion, and trying to be a good husband and father, that I used these as an excuse.

That is not acceptable.

After stepping on the scale and seeing a number I have never seen before left me scared. I had gained over 30 lbs from my racing weight.

It is time.

Life is about trying to keep things in perspective. You cannot balance it all because balance is a lie and cannot happen, but you must be able to get to the middle sometimes and realize you cannot live in the extremes all the time.

I also read that creating a habit takes the average person 66 days.

It has been 62 days since my last day of exercise. I would say the lifestyle of eating garbage and living in that endless cycle of unhealthiness was almost habit.

I end it today.

Motivated by my son I woke up this morning and ran. Or should I say shuffled my feet slowly for 3 miles. It was painfully slow taking me 33:30.

I cannot dwell in the past. I have to look forward. We have ups and downs. It has been an up in the sense that my son feels that he has inspired me and I love that. My children always inspire me, but I don’t know that they always feel that. Today he did. He reminded me to drink water at school as he brought water to stay hydrated. It has been good.

My goal is make this habit. One day down and 65 days to go.

Who knows what crazy goal I will tackle once I get back to where I need to be. Right now it is putting one foot in front of the other.

Thanks son!

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Running is so hard! 18 weeks until Rev3

Got up this morning for my run.

Yep, I am sure I was not pretty looking this morning.

Run gear was a bit snug

I was breathing as if I was in labor

And I was not moving fast

And I realized I counted wrong and only have 18 weeks instead of 19 weeks until Rev3

Happy Tuesday!

My run workout today consisted of

MS: 2 x 10′ (3′) @ z3/HMP/ModHard. Remainder of time z1/LRP/Easy to z2/MP/Steady. 

I did a 10 minute warmup and then hit my strides. My Z3 is right around 7:47, but today I was happy to be right around 8 minute mile pace. It will get there. The rolling hills kick my booty today

Here is Episode 7 of the Getting It Done Journey

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Training Day 4: Get Faster Block, Run Test

Holy Dry Heave Batman!

I knew I was out of shape after seeing my times in the pool and bike this week. I knew my run would be the worst. I was not ready for how terrible my body would feel. I apologize to the house I was dry heaving in front of after my run as I tried to regain some composure to jog home for my cool down.

On Feb. 6th I ran a sub 20 minute 5K on a treadmill

Out Season Week 14 Run Test 2/6/13 – http://coffeeforthebrain.blogspot.com/2013/02/out-season-week-14-reflection-and-run.html

Today I was not quite there. I was right where I thought I would end up.

I did about a mile warm up and then right at 53rd I took off for the test. I started off good running a sub 7 minute mile the first mile, but things continued to slow a bit. I refused to look at my watch and just run. I did not want to get into a mental battle with the distance. About halfway through I felt my body slowly smack into the wall and begin to slide down it. I was able to hang out to finish with a 23:07 time in 3.23. I did run a bit over the 5K time.

Regardless I have lost major ground.

Back when I started training in November of 2012 after a long break in the action my progress over the out season was

Here is my Out Season Test Recap

Week 1: My time was 20:52 with a 6:43 pace
Week 8: My time was 20:33 with a 6:37 pace.
Week 14: My time was 19:28 with a 6:17 pace

I sit here today looking at my time of 23:07 and vDot of 44.09 and I am really behind. It will come back. I know it will, but this is frustrating because I look at where I was. Today I could barely sustain this and it was not that long ago I was cranking about intervals faster than this pace while watching Netflix. It is all good motivation to not fall behind.

The numbers never lie and this has been a great reality check. 

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Out Season Week 8 – Run Test, Blah and Barf!

I will admit that this has not been the ideal week for me to do testing. It is the end of the quarter as we prepare our final grades for the semester and try to keep our sanity as kids are wound up for break. I have been battling a cold/flu that has wreaked havoc on my head, body, and joints.

Earlier in the week I had a great turnout on the bike test. I was so happy to see the progress on the bike. Today was the day for the 5K run test.

I woke up not feeling good at all. My knees and joints hurt and I just felt tired. However, I knew I had to get this done with a snowstorm on the horizon and things not slowing down at all.

Here is plan for the 5K run test today.

WU: 15′ including 4 x 30″ at 5k pace.

 MS: Run a 5k Time Trial. Find a relatively flat course (or track) for your test.

Goal is to hold a pace you can sustain for the full duration of the test without blowing up and without having a lot left to kick at the end. The ideal course is one you can test on repeatedly.

CD: Walking, jogging as needed, etc.

Note 1: Get average HR for test, this is your Lactate Threshold HR used to calculate HR training zones. Bonus if you can record miles splits for this test.

Below are my test results from week 1 when I inputted everything into EN. When I tested the run during week 1 I had a glitch with my watch as it did not record properly so I had to estimate my times.

At the time of this week 8 run test I weigh the same, but dealing with a cold/flu.

I started off this morning feeling not too bad. I did a one mile warm up to get me to my starting point. I was not sweating and was trying to get my body temp up and ready to go. It just was not happening. I don’t know if I was dehydrated or what. I hit the one mile mark, reset my watch, turned on my jams and got ready to go after clearing out the nasal passages with some powerful snot rockets.

I took off like a cannon and tried to find a good pace and rhythm. I am not sure if that is possible when trying to push your body and mind to new heights. I also tried to not look at my watch and get concerned with time. I really wanted to hit a sub 20 run and thought I could pull it off. I felt good the first .9 of the first mile.

From that point on I started to slowly fade. I had to keep fighting and pushing, but during the second mile my stomach started to get upset. I tried to work on breathing and just get things under control, but it continued to get worse.

Right around the end of mile 2 I started to feel like I was going to puke. As much as I tried to not think about it I thought about it more and more. I had to keep swallowing air and snot to keep from barfing. I told myself I would not stop if I puked because I did not want to do this test again. I was getting mentally ready to run while tossing cookies off to the side. I was fortunate enough to not puke, but I was ever so close. Due to my terrible gut pain my time did slow down and I faded mentally.

However, with all that being said I did show progress. I ended up with a 6:37 pace. I also ran a tad over so seeing my time I was a bit bummed until I remembered that a 5K is 3.1 and not 3.2. My time the first test was 20:52 with a 6:43 pace and today I was 20:33 with a 6:37 pace. I knocked off 6 seconds off my time. I will gladly take that considering how I felt and that fact that I know I neglected a few runs here and there. My goal by the next test is to be closer to 20 minutes. I may not be sub 20 minutes, but I want to be closer so some spring I am hitting sub 20 in some local races.

My VDOT went from 47.4 to 48.3

Here are my new splits

Today will be a day to let my body heal and recover. Tomorrow is a big day of training and then rest. Even more important is to figure out the holidays and training as I have not even begun to figure that out yet and need to with all the traveling.

Enjoy your Wednesday and kudos to everyone testing and working hard to improve their fitness. I love it and feed off all of your energy and stories.

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Out Season: Week 6 – Wednesday Run – Not Feeling This One

Today I had the following workout to complete this morning.

MS: 4 x 800 (3′), 1 x 1 mile all @ TP/Z4/Hard (5′).

I was just not feeling this one today. I had a terrible night of sleep not getting to sleep until late and then waking up several times as Ava decided to make her voice heard loud and clear. I woke up at the regular time of 4:13 and took in my AdvoCare and started to get ready. I knocked out some school work and next thing you know it was 5:10 and I was behind schedule. I forced myself outside so I would not skip and headed out.

I met all my goals of hitting my 1/2 mile splits at 6:54, 7:07, 7:08, and 6:59. I took about a 2:45 – 3:00 minute break in between as opposed to the 5 minute rest as prescribed because I forgot to look at the rest intervals.

I then took a longer stretch before the mile split due to a large downhill and uphill climb on my course. I decided to run through that and then do the mile on a flatter elevation. I hit my mile split at 7:09 and finished up with a nice cool down. My Zone 4 is 7:12 so I was on track for each split. However, my legs felt tired. I need a good night of sleep tonight and I will be good to go.

Overall, I am happy that despite not feeling it on this run I was still able to hit my goals. Today is about getting back to proper nutrition and hydration throughout the day and getting ready for a good bike workout tomorrow.

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117 Days Remaining – Tuesday Run With CRAZIES….moving quickly my friends, moving quickly

Last night and all day I dragged major butt. I was so tired. My alarm went off this morning and I almost allowed myself to lay in bed for another five minutes, but I knew that if I did I would oversleep being so tired.

I got up and drank a big cup of coffee and took a GU and made my way to the Y. My legs felt tired from the bike and swim workouts the two previous days. I was not expecting much from this run to be honest. Little did I know that as soon as I shook off the rust I would feel fantastic.

I don’t know what go into me, but I just felt great after the first mile. I just ran. I tried to keep that nice and calm feeling I had while running on the beach in Jamaica. I did not look at my watch and worry about pace and time. I ran by feel. I was glad to see my times constantly drop during this run. I just kept running a little faster without realizing it. I never felt labored in my breathing or in my legs which was awesome. I am not going to lie, my legs are a little sore now, but during the run I felt great. I kept thinking “I hope I feel like this in Racine, WI”. It was a good run for me and for all the other CRAZIES.

We had 7 of us run this morning. We added another new member to the crew. Ben D. joined us and he sure picked a tough morning as we ran a really fast pace for us and we had probably the hilliest run to date. He stuck it out and it was great to have him join. Chad, Katie, Brian, Jane, and Jay all joined in the run this morning.

This was my first run in Iowa since before Spring Break and it was a great feeling to be out in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It was just a few weeks ago that we were running all bundled up.

This run was a good confidence booster in my fitness after struggling in the pool yesterday. I hope to keep things going and get back on track with my training. I need to get in a bike ride tonight.

Last, I did weigh myself. It has been two weeks since I weighed myself. I forgot two weeks ago and was not going to do so while in Jamaica. I was interested to see my weight. After running so good today I was expecting my weight to be the same or possibly a pound or two under since my last weigh in. I know I consumed a huge amount of calories while on vacation, but I was not too worried.

I had a major wake up call when I stepped on the scale.

Since 2/29(two weeks ago) I have gained 5.4 pounds. It is time for me to really focus on my eating. I have been bad. I came home from work yesterday and just consumed a large amount of junk food. I need to prep some healthy snacks so I eat those instead of the junk. This will be my goal for the rest of the week and hopefully drop a few of these pounds. I now have a long way to go to get to my desired race weight. 5.4 pounds is way too much weight which leads to so much unneeded force on my joints while running. GETTING IT DONE just become more serious and focused as I prep for race weight and fitness.

The run this morning was a step in the right direction. Great run everyone! It was awesome to be back in the group of amazing people.

I do think my shoes are ruined as I thought. I developed a nasty blister on my toe from running.I think the ocean water and sand has done a number on my shoes. I hope to fix them, but if not, then it will be time to break out my 70.3 Racine, WI race shoes that I purchased. I have not trained in them yet, but maybe it is time.

Until next time…..

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