Things, Thoughts, and Tidbits From My Scribbles Part 1

In a previous post about the first day back at school I mentioned how I working to unclutter as I downgrade to an office. To hold my feet to the fire I am going to post about anything worth any importance here on the blog to keep track of important ideas.

Here we go: – a very cool blog and a great book blogger for YA – another good book blog, but it has not been updated for a long time so not sure if it worth checking out much longer. – A author who write and creates puzzles. If you have not read Puzzling World of Winston Breen then please start there. – another great book blog for middle grade books. – And yes, another good book blog – a fantasy author. Not quite YA, but one author I need to check out and read in any free time that I currently don’t have.

Book titles written down to check out

Alright, one piece of paper down and about 500 more to go. I don’t think each page warrants this much great stuff.

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