Teach Like A Pirate Poster + Aurasma = Awesome Classroom Poster

This morning I set out to finalize and test a dazzling idea for my classroom this fall. After reading Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess and talking with @Jepsen on Twitter about making a poster for our classrooms I decided to put my words into action.

I started off creating a poster using www.postermywall.com because it is free to use and if I want to make it a poster it is not that expensive.

This was my first creation

It is quite busy and has a lot of information. This reflects my life and actually something I am working on which is decluttering and simplifying my life.

I threw this out on Twitter and asked for feedback and luckily I connected with the amazing @swise_bc who not only took time to give feedback, but helped to simplify my poster and making it even better.

With her guidance and advice I was able to tweak this poster to this

I did add a new phrase so maybe she will tell me it is too much. I like it. Talking with her she gave me the idea of using AR which is something I have always wanted to add to my classroom.
I downloaded Aurasma which is a free app that allows for AR(augmented reality). I went ahead and created a little test. If you have Aurasma on your phone go ahead and focus on the blue oval. You will see my test image.
My plan for this poster is to have this sit outside my classroom. I will change and add different things as needed throughout the year so I can keep one poster, but constantly change the content. I will add another layer to the Lego image, but need to work on getting that to show my Bio page on my blog or perhaps I was thinking of making a short video bio of myself using Lego.
I just wanted to share how exciting my day has started. I cannot wait to get this poster ready for the upcoming school year. Here are some things that I would love to hear back from you on.
1. Do you think I should modify the poster in anyway? What would you change?
2. What would be some good ideas of adding the AR element of this poster?
3. What are other great ideas to entice students to be excited about entering the classroom?

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#coffechugPLN Twitter Chat #5: Multipliers and how to lead

When: Every Tuesday

Time: 8:00 pm central time

Hashtag: #coffeechugPLN

After a brier hiatus from running the #coffeechugPLN chats, it has now returned. Please come join us for a great hour of discussion this Tuesday, July 9th. This week we will be talking about leadership. The ideas will be based on book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. You do not have to read the book to join. Perhaps the discussion will motivate you to read this book.

Depending on chat, this might become a two part series. Here are the questions I have prepared for the chat in case you want to prepare a bit ahead. 
Q0: Introductions and what you have learned this week.

Q1: How do some leaders create intelligence around them, while others diminish it?

Q2: What could you accomplish if you could get twice as much from people?

Q3: What could you change or influence to get 2x as much from people? How do you do this?

Q4: How do you create a safe, open environment, but also relentlessly demand the best thinking and work of those around you?

Q5: How do you create intrigue rather than apprehension?

Q6: How does one become more curious? 

Q7: When something is off the rails, do you take over or do you invest? When you take the pen to add your ideas, do you give it back? Or does it stay in your pocket?

Q8: What would cause other people to become smarter and more capable around you?

Q9: What could people figure out on their own if you just gave them more space?

Q10: How can you get the full brainpower of your team or school/staff?

Q11: What is your Mission Impossible that you are going to tackle this year?
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#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat Archive: Positive Reinforcement

What an AWESOME chat last night!

I could not believe how rapid fire the ideas and tweets were coming in last night. It was so much fun hearing from everyone. I am going to have to go back and read through it all as I was not able to keep up with all the conversations.

Last night we talked about Positive Reinforcement and how we should/should not use it when working to help students and others accomplish great things. What is interesting is how we all have the same goal in mind, but there are so many ways to achieve this way.

You can read all the chat here – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmNBNr2UwLyIdFRhM3M1d0swX1QyUWtPRjBTaW0zM2c&usp=sharing

What was cool was that I checked the trending topics and our chat was #1

How cool to be trending number 1. You guys rock on the #coffeechugPLN network. Not bad for being a month old. twitter.com/coffeechugbook…
— Aaron Maurer (@coffeechugbooks) May 15, 2013

I did not get a chance to share out all my ideas and thoughts during the chat so I created an Evernote page link to share with you some further thoughts – https://www.evernote.com/shard/s31/sh/9281951a-f95d-42f3-b63b-222d332d5384/90ea5bd04af27bcffa9ed6014fdf4483

Take a look back at the archive and my Evernote page. If you have further questions or ideas please share on #coffeechugPLN on Twitter. I am working up the material for the next chat and if something good comes from all of this we can continue to the conversation.

Thanks everyone!

I look forward to adding some new faces to my PLN and connecting again in the future.

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#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat Archive on Mindset Part 2

A few days behind due to a crazy schedule this week, but here is a link to the archive of our #coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat from Tuesday. The chat was another success where we continued our conversation on Mindset.

It is intriguing to hear how we view mindset between fixed vs. growth. I would love to keep this conversation going, but it is good to keep things fresh so next we will move to another topic. Perhaps we will jump back into mindset in the future.

Thank you to everyone who joined the chat. There were some dynamic people sharing ideas and thoughts.

To see all prior chats, archives, questions as well as future events check out the wiki page

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#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat: Mindset Discussion #2

When? Tuesday, May 7th

Time? 8:00 pm central time

Hashtag? #coffeechugPLN

Chat #3: Mindset Chat #2 based on research of Carol Dweck.

We will be diving back into the topic of Mindset after a great chat on this topic last week. This will be covering ideas from chapters 2 and 3 from the book Mindset by Carol Dweck for those that have the book and want to follow along.

The wiki with all recordings of the Twitter Chats and other quality materials about education and PLN is available here – http://coffeechugcrowdsourcing.wikispaces.com/CoffeechugPLN+Twitter+Chat

I have posted the questions that I will be using for the chat Tuesday night for those that like to see things ahead of time and prepare a bit. If you don’t want to see it ahead of time, don’t go there and look!

See you Tuesday night!

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#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat 4.30.13 Mindset Part 1 Archive

Wow! Last night we had a great chat. As I continue to explore Twitter and run chats(this was my second one) I am loving my PLN more and more. Much thanks to everyone who showed up last night. The design of the chat last night was to start off with questions to get the members reflecting on themselves and ideas and then moving forward to think more whole school and whole child application with mindset. I think it went very well and that was because the participants were very open and honest. Without them, the chat suffers.

I really look forward to continuing this talk about mindset. We will be running a mini series of Twitter chats on Mindset over the next few weeks.

Here is a link to the archive of the chat – Remember to start at the bottom and read up.

Check it out and be sure to follow these people if you are not already doing so. Some are experts and others are teachers new to Twitter who have been following the self paced Twitter for Educator course I put together.

I will be sending out details on the next #coffeechugPLN Mindset Part 2 chat later this week along with questions in case you want prepare ahead of time.

Until next time, work on creating that growth mindset in yourself, students, and kids.

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Coffeechug Twitter Task 11: Making Use of Twitter Lists #coffeechugPLN

Another popular question asked from our first #coffeechugPLN chat was

How do I make and use lists?

Let us start with defining and explaining what a Twitter List is and is not.

A Twitter list is a group of Twitter users that you can create and curate based on your needs. You are able to create one by yourself or if you want to subscribe to a list that is already created you can do that also. Basically, this list will give you a log of all Tweets from the users included on that list.

A thing to remember is that a Twitter list is for reading ONLY! You are not able to DM or tweet to the members of the list if you wanted only those people to see it.

Lists will allow you to read tweets by people that you do not follow. If you don’t want to follow a lot of people and feel overwhelmed, then creating lists for certain topics are your golden ticket.

You cannot add yourself to a list, but you can check to see what lists you are added to.

I will talk about this and more in the video below. I figured it would be easiest to make a tutorial.

Please let me know if I forgot anything about Twitter Lists.

To view the previous tasks and other information for educators please check out my wiki

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Coffeechug PLN – Twitter for Educators Task 10: Twitter Abbreviations and Twittonary Tool

What do all the abbreviations mean? This was one of the many great questions from our first Twitter chat on Tuesday night. I am going to do my best to address them all or at least give you the tools needed to solve the issues yourself. This post will focus on abbreviations and what they all mean.

To read past tasks 1 – 9 you can go to the wiki and check it out. 

 I covered some abbreviations in the prior tasks, but only a handful. This is going to focus strictly on abbreviations and how to make sense of it all.

Step 1: Most common abbreviations
I have created another Google Document that is open and editable for anyone to crowdsource and contribute. I have tried to gather as much as I could, but I know I am missing some key ideas and abbreviations. Check it out and please add anything. Now keep in mind not all of these use the most professional language. I have included them in here because you need to know these. Whether someone uses them in your stream, a student is using them, or possibly your own child. It is important to be aware, but not necessarily use! I would read through before sharing at a school function or with students. Not all are safe for student eyes or school areas. I have not typed in the actual words, but you will get a sense without a problem.

Step 2: Using symbols
 Something that I don’t use very often, but sometimes is needed when tweeting and is one way to enhance tweets if used properly is the use of symbols. Twitter symbols all you have to do is copy them using Ctrl+C or a right click and copy and then paste into your tweet using Ctrl+V or right click and paste.
Check out the following website to get started: Twitter Symbols visit: Twsym.com

1. @

‘@’ or ‘at’ is used to tag other people into your comment, post, or message. When you add @, Twitter will notify the person you tagged. For example, you can type @Joshua and Joshua will be notified about the message you wrote.

2. RT (Re-tweet)

This is typed at the end of a post. RT encourages other people to re-tweet your post.

3. PRT (Please Re-Tweet or Partial Re-Tweet)

PRT sends a message to readers that the tweet has already been edited to accommodate the addition of username.

4. OH (Overheard)

OH is used during conference. OH signals readers that the source of the post is overheard from other source.

5. BTW (By The Way)

BTW is used to signal a change of topic. It has the same meaning with the word ‘segue’.

6. FTW (For The Win)

For the win is a positive remark done in Twitter.

7. FTL (For The Loss)

FTL is opposite of FTW. It signifies being frustrated, disappointed, dismay, and disapproval.

8. IRL (In Real Life)

IRL obviously tells you that not all things in Twitter or in the online world are necessarily true in the real world.

9. (FTF or F2F) Face to Face

This is a desire that a Twitter user wants to meet another user in real life (IRL).

10. IMHO (In My Honest Opinion or In My Humble Opinion)

This is to tell other twitter users that the remark made is based on personal opinion and not on facts. IMHO is also a way to assert one’s self without being too offensive.

11. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

Simply means that your experience with regards to a product or service may differ from other people’s experiences.

12. BR (Best Regards)

This is a courteous way to ask for something. BR is also used when there is a dispute or to nicely introduce yourself.

13. B/C (Because)

B/C is used to cite a reason. This should not be confused with BCC which means blind carbon copy and is used in email.

14. JV (Joint Venture)

JV means collaboration between one or two Twitter users.

15. LMK (Let Me Know)

Simply means you like to be informed.

16. TMB (Tweet Me Back)

This is a request for another user to reply to a post.

17. DM (Direct Message)

DM means to talk to a twitter user in private.

18. LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

LOL expresses being humored.

19. IOW (In Other Words)

IOW lets you cite other words or perspective to express a thought.

20. IMX (In My Experience)

IMX expresses one’s experience.

21. # (Hashtag)

# sign is used to mark a particular trending topic. If you put a ‘#’ next to a word, you let your post to be indexed in Twitter’s search engine. For example, you typed #government. People who will search for the word ‘government’ will be able to find your post.

22. This.

It is a message that tells twitter users that the tweet is something of great interest.

23. TBH (To Be Honest)

This is a remark used to show people’s honesty and/confession.

24. MT (Modified Tweet)

It means that the tweet’s content has already been modified to about 1/3 of the original content.

25. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

This is commonly used by internet marketers who utilize Twitter as part of their social media advertisements. ICYMI is very useful if you want to re-post something that you want readers to be reminded of.

26. +1

It is a demarcation that a post or tweet is being endorsed by other Twitter users. +1 has almost equivalent meaning with ‘like’ on Facebook.

27. H/T (Hat Tip)

H/T is another way of liking a post.

28. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

This is a very convenient way to summarize a somewhat long article.

29. |

This symbol is used to separate statements. Rather than writing the statement from one line to another, | is used to make the post look cleaner and streamlined.

30. SMH (Shaking my Head)

This abbreviation has different uses. It can be used to describe a wide range of emotion such as confusion, amusement, amazement, disappointment, and others. It can also be used as a stand-alone comment to a particular link or tweet.

31. BRB (Be Right Back)

It means that the user will be out for a short period of time.

32. EM or EML (Email)

EM is used to refer to an email server or the act of sending an email itself.

33. Fab (Fabulous)

FAB is an expression of amusement or amazement.

34. FYI (For your Information)

FYI is an opening or introduction leading to the presentation of information.

35. GTG (Got to Go)

GTG signifies the person needs to go immediately.

36. IDC (I Don’t Care)

IDC signifies being indifferent.

37. ORLY (Oh Really)

– See more at: http://www.twelveskip.com/tutorials/twitter/230/twitter-dictionary-top-37-twitter-abbreviations-and-acronyms#sthash.s0Kk1ya9.dpuf

Just double click the symbol to get it highlighted, copy, and then paste into your tweet. You can use other symbols, but this is a good start.

Step 3: Tools

Here are some other tools that fit into this category of symbols and abbreviations
http://www.twittonary.com/ – is an online dictionary for Twitter. It allows you to search for what things mean on Twitter. If you don’t see something on the Google Document above for abbreviations, then you might find it here. Nice to have when in need of explanation and don’t want to feel stupid asking the person that used it.
 http://tweetshrink.com/ –  is a tool designed to shorten your Tweets. Sometimes you just cannot get your point across in under 140 characters. This online tool will makeshift your message to make it fit. It is not always perfect, but does come in handy at times when you just cannot figure out what to do.
http://www.andrewt.net/abbreviate/index.php – is another option if you don’t like Tweet Shrink. I have not used this one except to test a few things for this post. The key here is just to play around with them and find the one you like.
Of you can be yourself and just rework your tweet to make it fit. Sometimes I use (1/2) at the beginning of tweet that I know will take two tweets to get across. I will type the first part up with this at the beginning. My second tweet will start with (2/2).

Closing Thoughts
I hope this answers this particular question. I will be addressing the other questions soon. I know we want to learn about creating and using lists and some other key features. All in good time everyone! I need more coffee to keep up! Just kidding, I love being able to help. Please let me know if this has been helpful by tweeting to #coffeechugPLN

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#coffeechugPLN Twitter Chat Archive and Reflection

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever #coffeechugPLN chat last night. The goal was to help teachers new to Twitter get a sense of a chat and learn to make new connections and put into practice all the things they have been learning.

I did archive the chat and you can read all tweets from the chat. The first chat entry is at the bottom and you will have to work your way up to the top to follow the chat.

We had a nice group of people pop in throughout the night. Be sure to check them out on Twitter give them a follow. I believe we had 22 people(not including myself) add to the chat last night. I am quite happy with that turnout for my first ever chat.

Here is the list of participants last night. Some are veteran Twitter experts and some are brand new. Do your part to connect and meet each of these people.


I thought the chat went good for the first time. I know that I can moderate a bit better and will on some things to improve the next time I host a chat. I know to have some resources available. I thought I had things planned out well enough, but I think I can do better. I am also going to try out Twitterchat next time. A few of my tweets did not have the hashtag and I was told Twitterchat automatically adds the hashtag.

This is what I love. As I try to help others learn and improve I find myself constantly learning as well.

This conversation has lead me to add some more to the Twitter for Educator self paced course I have been working on. It was great to actually talk with the educators and find out what they need. I will be adding Tasks 10 and 11 later this week based on the conversation.

Thank you everyone for a great hour of discussion last night. Check the chat archive linked above and all resources and upcoming events will be shared on the #coffeechugPLN Twitter chat page.

If you have questions, additional resources based on the chat please leave a comment or tweet to #coffeechugPLN. I am working to do another chat in two weeks so if you have a good topic, please send my way.

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Coffeechug PLN – Twitter for Educators Task 9: Task 9: Final Thoughts and Reflections

Here is the link to all previous tasks(or just check the sidebar)

This last task is really a reflective process. It is designed to help you think back to where you started with the course and to also help me make the course better.

If you could please take a moment to reflect on what I have tried to put together to help teachers learn Twitter I would greatly appreciate it.

I am leaving things wide open for you to share what you will, but here are few things to think about to get you started.

1. What was helpful to you?
2. What else do I need to add or did I forget to address?
3. How was the flow and layout?
4. Did you see your Twitter presence expand during the tasks?
5. What was not so good?
6. What would you like to learn next?

I am going to try and create this into something more visually appealing and in a better structure like a book or document of some sort. I know it has some things to be worked out. If you do indeed make in through please share it out on your networks and include #coffeechugPLN.

I just want to help. That is my only goal with this project. It stemmed from a presentation I gave to my staff and talking with teachers in my office. I hope I accomplished this goal.

Thanks for taking time to go through the course. I hope the database was helpful. I hope you are all connecting and helping each other. We are always on Twitter ready to connect and help so don’t hesitate to tweet, retweet, or direct message.

If you could email me your reflection I would greatly appreciate it. My email is aarmau@gmail.com

Don’t forget to join the Twitter chat tonight at 8:30 pm using hash tag #coffeechugpln

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