Out Season: Week 1 Sunday – Run

I have completed my first week of Out Season training.

I am sore. My legs are shot. I am happy for a rest day today(Monday).

Sunday I had my final workout of the week calling for:

MS: 4 x 800 (2′) all @ TP/Z4/Hard.

Remainder of run is how you feel, but try to accumulate more HMP/Z3/Mod-Hard time.

The goal is to build up to running 75-90 minutes. I am not ready for this amount of time and not ready for a Zone 3 run either. I took things nice and easy after the 800’s.

This morning I am sore. My shins hurt and my legs feel tired. It is a good sign of getting back to work. I need to take care of my body with proper rest and eating healthy(both of which I struggled with this past week).

I started off with a 14 minute warm up as I ran to the high school.

Once on the track I ran 800, followed by a 400 jog as rest and repeated three more times.

My 800’s I started off way too fast running 6:44, 6:58, and then getting close to my goal of 7:12. I had problems getting it dialed in. I know I should not push hard and I have to force myself to stay the course. Otherwise, if I don’t my body will break down.

With my shins sore today I remember that the track does not do much for me. Looking back at previous training I noted that every single time I ran on the track I became injured. Next time I am going to avoid the track. I don’t know why this happens, but for some reason the track just shreds my knees, shins, and joints. This week I will be finding a flat area to do these type of workouts.

My HR was also slightly above target range, but I think this will all go back down as I continue to get in shape.

The first week is in the books. I am focusing more this week on eating more intelligently with more whole foods and less bread, dairy, and sugar.

Off to enjoy a day of rest and get ready for week 2.

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102 Days Remaining – Big Day of Training – Yasso 800’s and swimming to start

Today is a big day of training for me. I will be performing a modified version of the Uhde Trifecta by doing all three disciplines in one day. My version calls for me riding my bike tonight instead of all three back to back to back.

I was supposed to ride last night, but I was just too tired. I have realigned my schedule to get everything in before, during, and after the trip to the Dells. It will be tough, but if I want to be at my best, then I will GET IT DONE!

This morning Chad, Katie, and myself met up at BHS track for some lovely Yasso 800’s. Last week we completed two just to get a feel for them and how to dial in our times. This week we had scheduled four of them as this is the starting volume of this type of training. Last week my times were good for me, but felt easy. After talking with some people my 800 pace for today was 3:05.

We warmed up with three laps around and did some light stretching to get ready. We headed out on the first one and my brain was not working as I was completely off on my calculations. The whole run I thought I was dialed in to hit my pace, but when I finished the time read 3:23. I was 18 seconds off! I did not get too worked up, but mentally this was a blow because I knew I had to cut 9 seconds off each lap from here on out.

Second set went much smoother hitting my time of 3:04. I was able to count correctly this time and hit my mark. The third set I felt like I was flying around the track and thought I would be way ahead of my time, but when I hit my watch I was dead on at 3:05. I think I was most disappointed with this one because I felt like I was cruising, but I really wasn’t. I was tired by this point, but I hammered out the fourth set at 3:00. I felt tired on this one, but ran the best of the four. It was weird not being able to read my body correctly.

After the run I head to the Y. I was running late and did not get in the water until 5:30. Thank goodness Amanda was home with the kids today so I could most of my workout in. I did not mess around today, but had to cut it a bit short due to time.

300 Mix (100 free, 100 kick on back and board, 100 pull)

8 x 75 (25 Kick, 25 DR, 25, Build) – I modified this to work on my stroke after feeling uneven with the one arm stroke drill on Monday. I went 25 left, 25 right, 25 build. I really feel a difference between arms. My left side I feel my body propel and almost sit idle until I pull again. My right side just flows nice and smooth. These were all around 1:20 – 1:24 in time

300 Mix – I decided to just swim with pull buoy to work on my stroke

Main Set
4 x 50 @ Race Pace plus 15 second swim interval. My goal was to swim 45 seconds and start at the 60 second mark. I swam ahead of this, but still kept rest at 15. This was a good little push. If I had more time I would have repeated this workout.
:42, :42, :40, :43

600 – Still working on finding a good groove. I was much slower than what I wanted, but this felt nice and easy despite my stomach really hurting bad.I brought some PowerBar Endurance in a bottle and I think that killed my gut. The pain instantly brought me back to the summer when I was hurting super bad and nasty on a long run drinking this. Needless to say I went home and just tossed the container. GU all the way for me. I swam in 10:11 for a total time. I know I can do better.

4 x 100 at Race Pace plus 15 second swim intervals. My goal was 1:30 without rest so swimming every 1:45. Once gain I was ahead of my goal, but kept the 15 second rest. I was tired and the rest time flew by.
1:28, 1:27, 1:29, 1:27

I finished with 100 kicks with board and called it as I was way late on time. I ended up with 2500 yards(300 short of original plan).

Overall, I felt good this morning. I need to recover good during the day for a good ride tonight.

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