Coffee For The Brain Newsletter 13: Love this weekly sharing out of my world

I am self promoting my newsletter. I know it should not happen, but I am doing it because I can. It is my site and my world. I wanted to share out my latest newsletter because I want more people to know about this in case they have been missing out.

When I moved to this new blog and website platform I began the newsletter. It was a challenge to myself to share out the behind the scenes of what I am reading and thinking. The newsletter contains content and articles that I don’t share on this website either due to the fact that I have not crafted my formal thoughts or just don’t think it really fits the mood of the site.

Here is the newsletter sent out today. Maybe you will enjoy it and want to read the previous ones. Maybe you will read and it and want to sign up to receive the goodness once a week. Maybe you don’t care and that too is fine.

Really, I hope you do enjoy and finding something useful and perhaps want to engage in conversation over something that struck you as interesting.


Another caffeine fix for your brain

Issue #13


Question of the week:

This week I pose the question: What do you do to stay on top of things and organized?

What I Am Thinking and Learning This Week

I am a bit obsessed with 99U this week. Sorry, but I just love their content.

Your morning routine probably involves you rushing to get out the door, because you tried to maximize your sleeping time. In other news: you should probably get a new morning routine.

Another way to make your mornings a bit more bearable? End every day with a beginning.

Basketball players peak at 27. Tennis players peak around 22. But when do creatives peak?

A Third Grade Teacher in North Carolina: What It Is Like To Teach in My State | Diane Ravitch’s blog 
*Sharing a passage that really stood out to me. Be sure to click the link to read the whole article. Very worthy read.*

The Dangers of Planning: Goals Gone Wild

Following your Passion is Horrible Advice – This goes against so much of what I believe and yet it really makes sense and is giving me more to think about and craft my vision about life.

The last three weeks I have watched several movies now that I am back to exercising and training again.
1. Silver Lining Playbook – fantastic movie and I loved this one. 
2. 2 Guns – lots of action and held my interest while riding my bike in the pain cave to nowhere. A good action flick with good cop/bad cop vibe.
3. Dark Knight – perhaps one of the best trilogies of all cinema. I watched the final one with Bane and just did not want to get off my bike to finish the movie.
4. 180 Days – a documentary following one year of a school in Washington D.C. A great eye opener and made me realize how good we have things in Iowa despite the headaches we complain about.
5. Frances Ha – not a big fan of this one despite this being my type of movie. Found her to be a bit too annoying. Perhaps it is a sign I am getting old.
6. Django – anything by Quentin I love. I always wait to be disappointed, but it never happens. This was a great flick. Really enjoyed this one.

I just put a bunch of new movies on hold. What suggestions do you have? As you can tell I don’t normally watch movies and since I have not trained in well over a year I have some serious movie catching up to do.

What books am I reading?

Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku –  one of my favorite reads ever. Really has my head spinning.

Design. Make. Play. by Margaret Honey

Getting ready to start From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg by John Naughton

What are you reading? Let me know!

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