Coffeechug 3D Printed Ornament Challenge Results

I am blown away by the amazing 3D printed ornament designs that students and teachers submitted. I am still printing as I am bit behind schedule with one printer breaking down and staying home with my 3 year old. I promise to have them all done by Friday and delivered in time to add to your tree or wherever.

I started this challenge just to inspire others to try and did not really think about the inspiration I would receive myself by all the submissions. Thank you to the amazing teachers who opened up their rooms to the possibilities of design, creativity, and the opportunity to do something new.

If you have not checked out the ornaments check them out here and realize that I will be adding more images up until Christmas.IMG_1050

If you missed out on this challenge, but still want to make something then please stay tuned. I am in need of a design and will be hosting a new challenge January 2015. Details forthcoming.

This challenge really pushed my level of learning by being full immersed in 3D printing and I hope it provided a new way of thinking for those that participated. I look forward to doing this again next year.

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