Coffeechug Begins Digital Detox Retreat and #gratefulnight

photoI have been doing different things this summer to mix it up a bit. I have refrained from a lot of Twitter Chats, education book reading, research, etc. I have tried to go a different route this summer and remove myself from education and my job to give myself a breather. It has not been easy. I have found myself lost and at times in a void. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a ton of time with my kids and family, but I don’t always feel productive. I have faith that this little experiment will pan out well for me in the long run and especially heading back to school in a few weeks.

Starting tomorrow morning around 6 am I begin my most challenging experiment yet. I am attempting a week long Digital Detox.

Here are my rules I have imposed upon myself

1. No Twitter

2. No Instagram

3. No Facebook

4. No FourSquare

5. No Social Media, online readings of blogs, or contact with others electronically besides text and phone messages to family and friends.

6. No Email

I am going to allow myself to use my computer and phone to

1. Take pictures

2. Shoot video

3. Write my ebook

4. Write up daily reflections and journal writing.

My goal here is to work on being even more in the moment. In the NOW!

I will be on short vacation and I think this sets things up to really help me.

By unplugging I am hoping to learn to better communicate with myself. I want to see the world in a different way and remember what it is like to not worry about what others are saying and posting online.

This will be my toughest challenge, but perhaps the most rewarding.

So, wish me luck. If you have tips or ideas let me have them as I have until tomorrow morning to check in.

If you reach out to me and I don’t respond understand I am not being rude, I am just detoxing my habits a bit. I will return in about a week.

Yes, I will be writing in my the journal the voyage so I hope to have a good blog post for you when I return.

Off to be in the moment!

Here are some articles I read to prepare


One more thing. I have a challenge I will be crafting and publishing when I return. It is the #gratefulnight project. While I am away from the internet start taking time each night to reflect on what you are grateful for. When I return I hope to launch a new project that will inspire and help others remember the important things in life. I will be writing down three things I am grateful for each day and when I return all the links, rules, and guidelines will be shared. Get in the habit of ending each night in a grateful mindset and be ready to share with others when I return.

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One thought on “Coffeechug Begins Digital Detox Retreat and #gratefulnight

  1. I like it! I have learned over the years, that our time away from the daily school routine gets shorter and shorter each year. I have also learned that we tend to spend some of that shorter time, working on school things, thinking about school things, or spending time with school people. For me, I must stay away, in order to regenerate. School requires alot of giving of ones self, ones family time, and ones energy. My few short school free days are highly important to my effectiveness when we return. It is not easy, or easily accepted…..but for me…. it is a must, I hope you enjoy your time away, with your self and your family.