Coffeechug Book Bundle Project

I have two goals with this project.

I have so many books as I am an avid book collector. I keep them in fantastic condition. Many have been read once and never touched again. Others I have gathered from various locations. However, it is time for me to declutter my space and learn to live with less. I don’t want to simply throw them away. I want to spread the insight of these books to those who are interested. As I work to declutter the Nerd Cave I want to share my reading pleasures.

Here is how it works. As I work to catalog my reading collection(it will take some time) I will be updating the list here in this Google Doc. As I get time( I have scheduled time in my weekly goals) I will upload books. I have easily over 500 books if not more.

If you see a book you want you simply reach out to me here on the website or social media. All I ask is that you donate enough to cover at least shipping costs. Anything extra I will apply to the following

1. Coffeechug Makerspace for projects for kids

2. Build A School campaign

Either way I will let you know where the money goes so you know I am not in this for personal gain. My only gain is to rid myself of so many material goods that I just cannot possibly utilize in one lifetime.

Check out the list, spread the word, and hopefully you can help me by helping you find some reading pleasure.

In the meantime, I will keep reading, updating the log, and inspiring others to spread the love of reading!



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