Coffeechug Book Club of Empowerment for Summer 2017

I am a reader. I am pretty avid in my reading. I love to highlight, scribble in the margins, blog about my ideas, and find books off the beaten path.


For years I have tried book clubs both online and in person.


They never seemed to work for me. Either the people were not on my level, I was not on their level, the book choices did not interest me, or they seemed to feel like school(barf).


So, I read alone and did my thing, but I always wished to read with a community. A community where real talk could happen. A safe zone. A place to open up. Share ideas, stories, thoughts, concerns. A place to feel human and not worry about the labels of teacher, father, husband, coach, etc. However, I want to read and talk about things freely that turn around and helpme be better in all of these labels.


This is my attempt to do this. I am creating this Facebook Book Club Group. Each month we will have a book to read. You choose if it is a good fit for you. You choose how you want to share whether that is via

  • A new post
  • Comment on another post
  • Facebook live video
  • Link to other articles and thoughts
  • Long length posts or short posts
  • Memes and gifs


You choose the pace at which you read. I always hated waiting for the next chapter to talk or waiting to read the next part. The book will be chunked to not spoil anything, but the entire book will be loaded up at the first of the month so you can read at your pace and discuss when you are ready.


To get things going I will choose the books, but I hope that as things start to pick up momentum and a tribe is formed(Tribes? A potential book by Seth Godin) we can start to vote for new titles. In the beginning I will pick the books to give a context for what I hope to gain and in return you too.


Sound good? I hope so. If so, then join the group. It will be private so only those in the group can read and interact.


The first book is already posted in the group. Trust me, the first book will let you know I am going big!


If interested head to the group here

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